S/S 2015 Trend : Bold Placement Stripes


Stripes are on trend for Spring/Summer 2015. What is different for this season, is their placement on the garment.


This Worthington skirt (Savers) was yet another item that my friend/thrifting buddy Doris had pulled for herself that was too big. These are all my favorite colors and with a price tag of $3.00, I couldn’t pass it up! Plus I like the 1960’s vibe it has going on.

With ALL the colors in the skirt I had to choose from to accessorize with,  I decided to pull out the white. Boring, huh.

The watch was a Mother’s Day gift. I have it in black too. You’ll see it in an upcoming post. The necklace is from Loft. I have the same one in black and blue too. Do you see a pattern here? If I find something I like, I buy it in more than one color. Are you the same way?

darlene2.10 darlene2.9


The sandals are from White House Black Market from a couple of years ago.



I’m obsessed with stripes and believe that no matter what size and shape you are, you can wear stripes and look good.

What do you think?

Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Photography



S/S 2015 Trend AND Fashion Essential: The Shirtdress



Today’s trend AND fashion essential is the shirtdress. They have been around for ever and I have owned several over the years. This particular one is originally from Loft. I scored it from Savers for just $7.00! I like that it is a blank canvas, so to speak.


To make it look even cuter, I added Miss Oreo!


Oh… my gosh, she is so photogenic…and so old. :-(  The vet thinks she is around nine. Poor Miss Oreo recently hurt her back and had to be put on muscle relaxers and anti inflammatory medication. She is much better now, thank goodness!


I kept all the accessories in silver and gold and added a grosgrain ribbon as a belt to help define the waist.




Gladiator sandals are still going strong this season. In fact they are a Fashion Essential…which is great because I have a TON of them!

Do you want to know why I styled this shirtdress a little on the ‘plain’ side? It’s because I want YOU to be the stylist!

Let me know in the comments below how you would style it.

In a future post I will wear it again STYLED BY YOU! Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

Ready…set…style! :-)

Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Photography

S/S 2015 Trend : Black and White


Today starts my series on Spring/Summer Trends for 2015 and Fashion Essentials.

My plan is to show you as many of the current trends/fashion essentials as I can find at the thrift store.

First up is Black and White!


Black and white continues to be ‘on trend’ into Spring/Summer. Thank goodness, because that’s the majority of my wardrobe!


I scored this Westbound wrinkle free blouse at Goodwill for $3.74 and this brand new Style & Co poncho for $4.00 from Savers.


Remember this statement necklace from my Target birthday haul? I dropped it! Thank goodness for Super Glue!


darlene41I love the detail on the back of the poncho.



darlene42My Coach flats are from Goodwill too.


darlene43Y’all know I didn’t pay THAT much! I shopped on a 25% off day. ;-)

What Spring/Summer trend are you most excited about?


Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Photography

Wearing of the Green…Camouflage Vest!

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 12.09.43 AM


Okay…first of all, remind me never to sit down in a photo again! The way the vest is bunching up makes me look like I have a bubble butt and/or some serious back fat. For the record, I have a flat butt and just a wee bit of back fat. ;-)

Second of all…I decided to try the camouflage trend #onemoretime. Yes, I realize this is like the third time I have made that same statement. I might as well confess right now…I was just trying on camo pants at Goodwill on Friday. I think another intervention might be in order.

I scored this Decree camo vest for $3.50 at Savers during their MLK 50% off sale.

I also found it selling on line…

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 12.09.43 AM

Can you believe how much they were asking?!



I like all the bling on it because that’s what makes it unusual and interesting. I couldn’t believe it was still intact.


darlene32 Yes…this bracelet (on sale at Nordstrom) is ALMOST as heavy as it looks.

So…are any of the rest of you obsessed with anything and everything camouflage or is it just me?

Please don’t say it’s just me…

A couple of side notes : Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Go out and eat some corned beef and cabbage…and a birthday shout out to my friend ‘Mother Deer.’ Remember…today is all about YOU!!! Make the most of it. :-)

Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Photography

That’s a Whole Lotta’ Purple!


darlene17Those were my husbands exact words when I walked out of the bedroom wearing this. For the record, I would not call this the color purple.  I would call it fuchsia. I can’t remember what color White House Black Market called these pants.

My Jones New York two way zip up blouse had a Macy’s tag of $39.99 still on it! I paid $5.00 for it at Thrift Town. My friend/thrifting buddy Doris had pulled it for herself but it was too big. I’m a HUGE fan of paisley so I bought it!



I paired it with an old necklace from Loft…(yes, I have a lot of jewelry from Loft)


darlene18 and an old bracelet from White House Black Market. Yes, I have a lot of their jewelry too. Look closely and you can see the less than stellar job I did applying my self tanner around my fingers.  Man, these professional photos don’t miss a thing!

darlene20The shoes are brand new Lands End velvet flats from my trip to the Ohio Thrift Store last summer. I THINK I paid $9.00. I don’t really remember. Hey, cut me some slack…I’m old!


Then I added one more element to my outfit because all that paisley and ‘purple’ wasn’t enough…or maybe it was too much. ;-)



Can you guess what it is?


darlene21Did you guess that it was my $4.00 poncho I scored during Savers Friends and Family Event? You’re so smart!

Would you wear this much ‘purple’?

Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Photography

Just Chillin’



There’s nothing better to ward off that early morning chill than a cup of coffee…or a really cute poncho!


This $3.99 Steve Madden poncho (Thrift Town) is one of my favorite thrifts. I know, I know…I say that about all my thrifts! ;-) I love it paired with this Loft denim shirt and black leggings.

I got the idea to style it this way from Pinterest. Check it out:


Pretty spot on don’t you agree?Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 8.24.12 PM



Here is a close up of the poncho. It has gold threads in it. Can you tell?



darlene14Hmm, looks like I need to Armor All my ‘look for less’ boots.

Have you ever recreated a ‘look’ from Pinterest? Do tell!


Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Photography

Casual in Cashmere



Do you equate cashmere with special occasion dressing or for everyday wear?darlene23 I took my $2.50 Cullen cashmere sweater from Savers ( which retails for around $100.00 ) and paired it with my thrifted Levi’s skinny jeans ($4.90) and grey Converse. Hmm, you can’t see my Converse, but trust me, it looks super cute altogether. ;-)

The tag on the sweater said ‘ Dry Clean Only’ , but I took a chance and threw it in the washer. As you can see, it turned out just fine. Whew!


Accessories from Loft. One of my favorites from last summer.






Small face watches are back…but you all know my eyesight is bad.

Can anyone tell me what time it is? lol  ;-)

More importantly, tell me how you wear your cashmere!

Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Photography

Marsala…Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year


Recently, I went through my closet(s) and discovered I had something that happened to be in that color…or close to it. ;-)


darlene34I thrifted this Talbot’s dress last summer in Vegas for $5.60 at Savers. The scarf from  Loft and the boots from Macy’s are a couple of years old.

The fact that there happens to be some snow on the ground makes it the perfect opportunity for me to throw on my vintage Sears faux fur coat ($10.00) from The Family Thrift Center.









For some reason, the minute I put it on, I felt like I should have a cigarette in my hand (attached to one of those long cigarette holders), or a drink. After all, you do remember that I found an empty bottle of gin in the pocket when I bought it!

Oh the stories this coat could tell!



Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Photography

Another Blanket Scarf



This particular blanket scarf is the one that every blogger seems to own. Of course, I didn’t purchase mine until it was on sale. ;-) There are various ways to wear it. This time, I just threw it around my shoulders like a blanket…because I’m freezing here in New Mexico! What happened to our 70 degree weather? I miss you warm weather…please come back!

You could also throw it over one shoulder or put a belt around it or tie it around your neck like I did my last one here:




Did you happen to notice the Vince Camuto boots I’m wearing? I bought them at Goodwill for $19.99. Here is what someone was selling them for online recently.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 12.11.19 AM

Isn’t that crazy?



That’s a Premier Design Jewelry necklace paired with a thrifted $2.50 Italian wool sweater.



The matching bracelets are one of my all time favorite pieces.

Do you own any Premier Design jewelry?

Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Photography

Here Kitty Kitty!



My husband noticed that my recent purchase from Thrift Town (this Grace Elements $12.99 faux fur vest) looked like our cat Cupcake…and he was right!

She wasn’t all that happy to have her picture taken.


I let the vest do all the talking in this outfit…because it had a lot to say.






The accessories:


The necklace is from Loft from a couple of years ago.



I just threw on a bunch of gold bracelets.



I finally wore my Dolce Vita wedges that I purchased at Nordstrom Rack while in Ohio.

This is like faux fur vest number four for me.  How many do YOU own?


Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Photography