Another Thriftventure!

Yes, my friend Doris and I did it again! This time however, it was just ONE thrift store, The Family Thrift Center.  The ENTIRE store was 50% off! We arrived around 11:00 AM and walked out the door at 4:30 PM. Needless to say, we were tired!

I actually did a video blog for this post, but neither my husband nor I could figure out how to upload it to this site. Well, we figured that part out, but it said it was going to take TEN hours for the 15 minute video to complete!! Does that sound right? So now all you get are a bunch of pictures…sorry!

My total haul was around $55.00…of clothing that I didn’t need, but I bought anyway. I need to schedule some more thrifovers so I’m shopping for other people, NOT myself! Any takers out there?

Okay, let’s start with the two items I scored that were new with tags:


L- Cute Kohl’s brand dress $5.00   R- Macy’s brand waterproof jacket $5.00


Next up, clothes to lounge around/walk Miss Oreo/go to Walmart in:


L- Danskin workout pants $2.00   R- Chico’s Synergy 2 piece velour track suit $4.00


How about some Coldwater Creek?


Short sleeved sweaters don’t make sense to me but I liked the colors. They were $4.00 each.


A couple of more sweaters:


L- Banana Republic $3.00   R- Anna laura Italian made wool sweater $2.50


Two lightweight tops:


L- Cleo animal/floral sheer tunic $3.00    R- Gianni Bini open front s/s cardigan? $2.50


Some pink and purple:


L- Polo Ralph Lauren sweater jacket $3.00     R- Tara Jones quilted jacket $4.00


and the last two items:


L- The picture does not show how cute this $5.00 navy Loft jacket is.    R- The front of this Clifford & Wills jacket is LEATHER and it only cost $5.00!

There you have it…15 items for $55.00. Now, where am I going to put all of this?

During a Recent Thriftover…

I MIGHT have picked up a few items for myself. :-/

Last week I did THREE thriftovers! I know, right! On Wednesday I thrifted over a friend of mine. O…MG! Can I just tell you that I found a pair of leather pants and they looked AMAZING on her! I kept calling the Savers employees over to the dressing room and made my friend model them. Yes, that’s how I roll. For myself I found this vest:



Yes, it’s another Eddie Bauer goose down vest.



I paid $9.10 for it because I had a coupon.

On Friday I ended up doing a DOUBLE thriftover! The Savers employees were surprised to see me back so soon. This one was an emergency thriftover. I got a call at 11:00 PM the night before from a friend of mine. She wanted me to thrift over her sister, and I was happy to do it! How did it end up being a double thriftover? Well, I always pull two sizes during every thriftover and my friend ( who came with her sister ) happened to be the other size! Let me tell you, there was clothing EVERYWHERE! My client spent over $250.00 and that’s with a 20% off coupon too! That is the most I’ve had anyone spend on clothing. She got an entire new wardrobe and was extremely happy. I won’t say how much my friend spent, but she went home with a bunch of really cute stuff too. ;-)

What did I go home with during this thriftover? Check out this CUSTO sweater made in Spain, yes Spain. See the label?



Did you notice that the design of this garment is copyright protected? Yeah, and with my coupon I paid $8.00 for this approximately $150.00 sweater.


Brace yourself, the design is pretty ‘out there’ but i think it’s pretty cool! Here’s the front:



and the back…

SAM_2678I love it! When I tried it on in the store I did so over my top and for some reason I didn’t realize that the whole bottom half of the front of the shirt is see through! Yeah, that won’t work. I will probably pair it with a nude or black camisole. No one wants to see my belly…not even me!


You’ll never believe what else I scored that day!SAM_2679


A brand new Ann Taylor black dress for $6.40!! Yeah…  :-)

When I tried it on in the store, I put it on backwards! Hey! It was a double thriftover…I was tired! The front is a cowl neck that’s actually weighted so it hangs correctly and the back is a deep V. Here is the best shot I could get of the back of it.


Now. don’t go thinking that when you hire me to do a thriftover, I’m out there hunting for myself. These items were either pulled for my client and they didn’t want them or I happened to find an item that was my size while searching in my client’s size. Every one of my client’s has two to three buggies of clothing to choose from during their thriftover. Well except for my friend, who when I scheduled her thriftover Savers decided to have a 30% off sale. In order to get just ONE buggy I had to chase down a man in the parking lot to get his and then I had to carefully fold everything to make it fit. That was a feat onto itself!



A couple of months back I checked out some consignment shops up in Santa Fe, NM. The prices up there are SO much higher than in Albuquerque but a friend of a friend invited me to go thrifting with her…and well, I just couldn’t say no!

On the clearance rack at a shop called Congenes Consignment I came across this vintage style jacket from Chaus. They were asking $22.00, if I remember correctly I paid $11.00.


I really liked the color and style of it. I look kind of puffy in the photo, huh. Never fear! Look how the jacket changes just by buttoning it and adding Miss Oreo!! ;-)




Cute right?! I think it would look good with a cluster of vintage pins. Next time out, that is how I will style it. This time I wore it with my Lia Sophia necklace that my friend Katherine gave me just for being my awesome self! lol JUST kidding… ;-)

Paired with my new Kut From the Kloth jeans that I bought during my detour to Nordstrom Rack in Vegas and my $5.60 thrifted Croft and Barrow top, I think this was the perfect outfit to attend a recent BeautiControl meeting. What say you?


Surprise! I was on TV Again :-)


Yes, yours truly was on The Morning Brew with Larry Ahrens again! This time I was on with my friend Julia Jones owner of Kouture Konsignment.

Did you notice my tired eyes in this photo? It’s because I had to get up at 4:30 AM!! I’m mixing it up and posing in front of the office doors. ;-)  My dress is Liz Claiborne and thrifted from Buffalo Exchange. I also happen to be doing a fall style challenge on Instagram and today’s challenge was to wear a bold print. I thought this dress fit the bill perfectly!

Here is the video for your viewing pleasure. The topic is my recent Fall into Fashion event and features two of the models…





In case you already looked at my earlier post today and missed my update…

Here are Nikki and Minerva’s second looks styled by me using thrifted clothes from Kouture Konsignment and Savers!


Hello!! Told you she looked hot in her second look! Her style icon is Kate Middleton. I think she could give Kate a run for her money…don’t you?



How about a ‘before’ look for Minerva?



and the thrifted ‘after’…



Minerva said she had no style…so I gave her one! Nothing is more classic than black and white. You look amazing Minerva!!!

Can you tell that I really love what I do? :-)

Here is the first article in case you missed it:



Fall into Fashion Event

fall1How cool is that graphic? You know how I am always challenging myself to try new things in my old age…because life is short? Well, I decided to organize an event at Lobo Village where my youngest son Adam lives! Have I ever organized an event before? Uh…no but I didn’t let that stop me!

Here’s how it went down:

When Adam moved into Lobo Village I met the Resident Director, Nikki. Through talking with her I discovered that all the Resident Advisors were responsible for putting on events for the residents throughout the year. So…I went to the front desk and asked the girl working there, Minerva, if she would be interested in having a shopping event. She ran it by Nikki and voila!  Then I asked all my friends if they would join me on this venture and they said “Yes!”

My part in all of this was to do thriftovers on Nikki, Minerva AND Marcos, who happens to be my son Adam’s R.A. Of course, I did some of the thriftovers at my favorite consignment store…Kouture Konsignment.

Julia, the owner of KK brought her clothing to the event to sell. If you live in Albuquerque, you really need to stop at her boutique  (136 Washington St NE  Suite H ) and check out her HUGE selection of clothing. Did I mention she has some amazing vintage pieces? Uh, yeah…

I also thrifted over my new friend/neighbor Katherine. She was there representing Melaleuca. It is a Wellness company based out of Oregon. I had my husband, the toxicologist check out their stuff and he gave it his seal of approval. Let me just say…I love it too!

Of course my good friend Marla was there…Director of BeautiControl Spa skincare and makeup. She and I did Nikki and Minerva’s makeup for the event and then Marla did mini makeovers on the residents.

Everybody knows that any event involving college students needs delicious food and that was provided by the best bakery in Albuquerque…Q’s Cakes, Cupcakes and Sweets! Her shop is located at 1431 Eubank Blvd NE. If you love coconut cake like I love coconut cake…YUM!!

If coconut cake is not your thing, she has a wide variety of cakes, cupcakes and sweets… just like her name says!

Yes, I have pictures from the event. I did two looks on each person, but I totally forgot to take photos of Nikki and Minerva in their second look which was my favorite and theirs too. Oh well! Here are the pictures I do have:



Here is Nikki in her first look featuring this cute thrifted Lauren Conrad dress (Kohl’s brand). The dress, shoes and accessories are from Kouture Konsignment. Her second look featured a new with tags navy sheath dress (Loft). I paired it with a faux fur collar and a pair of nude high heeled booties. She looked H.O.T! I told her husband he better take her out.



Meet Minerva! This cute outfit came from Savers. Minerva said she really liked this look because it was the perfect thing to wear when making presentations in her college classes. I’m so disappointed that I didn’t get a photo of her second look. :-(  It features this same black skirt but with a Talbot’s black top, a new with tags white jacket and a pair of black high heels. Let me just say that white is definitely her color!



Hi Marcos! This guy is too funny! He had me laughing all night long. For his first thrifted look from Kouture Konsignment I have him wearing a ‘grandpa’ style new with tags Hollister cardigan and Gap pants. That’s Nikki’s husband Paul in the background taking pictures. Hmm…perhaps he has pictures of the girls second look…


I did remember to take a picture of Marcos second look.

IMG_20140926_180325He loved this thrifted look and so did everyone else! Once again from Kouture Konsignment this is a 100% cashmere Nordstrom sweater. Paired with H&M slim fit pants…he kept going around telling all the girls that he was boyfriend material. I would have to agree with him on that one. :-)


IMG_20140926_172642Here is Marla doing a mini makeover with all the new makeup from BeautiControl. She has been in this business for 22 years! She definitely knows her product. I love this stuff!

Behind Marla is Q from Q’s Cakes, Cupcakes and Sweets serving up some delicious red velvet cake and pumpkin pie. My son said the pie was delicious. I had a piece set aside for me but it never made it into my mouth. Hmm… :-(



Everyone, this is Katherine! We went to The Family Thrift Center for her thriftover. Of all the photos I posted on Instagram hers got the most ‘likes’. The Levi’s jeans $14.99 and Lucky Brand top $12.99 were both new with tags! I love this on her.



Of course, I wore something thrifted too! I paired this $5.00 New York & Company dress (Family Thrift) with a $7.00 pair of Cole Haan shoes. (Savers). Like my husband said…it looked better in person than in the photo.

We all had a good time and there is talk about doing more events together. Perhaps a Thrift Me Over thrifted fashion show is in my future? Who knows…

What have you ‘challenged’ yourself to do lately?

THIS JUST IN!!! Photo’s of Nikki and Minerva’s second look!


Does she look hot or what!!


How about a ‘before’ photo of Minerva?




and her ‘new’ thrifted look!


A classic beauty! You can tell by the look on her face that she really loved this outfit.


Well, there you have it…my first official event!