S/S 2015 Trend : Subtle 70’s


The 70’s era in fashion is not really my style. I’m more of a 60’s kind of gal.

With that being said, I was surprisingly drawn to this Ooh La La shirt that I scored at Thrift Town for $7.99.


Check out the back of it.


It’s cool, huh! Apparently this is a pretty pricey line of clothing. Who knew?


Pairing it with this homemade crochet looking clutch $3.99 (Thrift Town) adds to the 70’s vibe.




This Lucky Brand bracelet (super old from Macy’s )…



and a pair of Nine West sandals



complete my 70’s inspired look. :-)

What is your favorite era of clothing?

Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Photography

S/S 2015 Trend : Yellow


A lot of people are skipping this trend because yellow is not the easiest color to wear.

Did that stop me?





d8Mixed with other colors in the pattern, the yellow in this Talbot’s shirt $4.49 (Goodwill) isn’t so ‘in your face’, so to speak.


I added a little more yellow with my bracelet.

d9#toldyouihaditinmorecolors ;-)


Check out the cute espadrilles I scored at Goodwill to wear with this outfit!

d7These Ros Hommerson denim espadrilles retail new around $100.00. I scored them for $8.24.



If you don’t want to wear yellow but still want to partake in the trend…

d6You can eat yellow food!

#justhavinsomefunwithyou ;-)


Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Photography


S/S 2015 Trend : The Polo Style Shirt


Today’s trend is actually two for the price of one!


The Polo Style shirt AND Florals.

Not just any kind of florals but oversized botanical florals!




I love the look and feel of this Alfani shirt that I got at Thrift Town (TT). At $5.59 it was the perfect price point. Speaking of perfect…a perfect fitting denim skirt is hard to find but I thought this $4.00 Tommy Hilfiger skirt (TT) was pretty perfect. I like the tone on tone pattern.


d4Miss Oreo decided to get in on the action.




Getting ready for this photo shoot, I got not one but TWO spots of foundation on this shirt. Can you see them?

d3I can’t, but then again I can’t see.




d2Look at me matching the green in my shirt with this old bracelet from Loft.




Keeping with the Tommy theme, I paired it with these Hilfiger white sandals…that I was apparently too lazy to buckle! hahaha

Guess what?

ANOTHER item got crossed off my bucket list.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.21.17 PM

Do you see it? In the bottom right hand corner.


Click HERE to read the online version of the magazine.

Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Phtography

All About the Discount

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.16.50 PM

If you know me, you know I’m all about the discount. Even if you don’t know me, I think you’ve already figured that out. ;-)

2015-04-10 12.51.59

A couple of weeks ago my husband turned 64, so we decided to go away for the weekend (20 minutes away to be exact) to the big city of Albuquerque to celebrate.

The entire weekend was discounted, starting with our hotel.

Do you take advantage of free reward programs? I do.

Because we are Hyatt Gold Passport members and had accumulated enough points, we ended up with a free night PLUS an upgrade at The Hyatt Regency in downtown ABQ.

Savings: $200.00

Here was our view:

2015-04-10 13.42.21

Those are the Sandia Mountains. For you non-Spanish speakers…Sandia is Spanish for watermelon. When the sun sets, the mountains turn pink…like the color of a watermelon.



Then we headed out for his birthday lunch. It was super windy that day…

2015-04-10 14.03.05

so of course I had to break out my trusty babushka!

#oldladystyle  #beenwearingoneforyears


I tweeted this photo out to @Hyatt and this is how they responded.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.01.18 PM

Whoever their social media person is, is pretty funny!


Can you tell what restaurant we are at by the object in my husband’s hand?

2015-04-10 14.24.59



If you guessed Tucanos Brazilian Grill, you’re good! We were here once before…ten years ago. Apparently Mitch has always wanted to come back here. Me? Not so much.

Mitch’s meal was free because he went on line a few days earlier ( all on his own ) and signed up for their birthday club!

Savings: $15.00


Later that evening we headed off to The Box,  an Improv club. Our tickets were only $8.00 each because we got a military discount. A lot of places offer military discounts but don’t advertise that fact.That’s why I always ask.

Savings: $4.00

It should come as no surprise to hear that I ended up on stage.



When we got back to the room, this was waiting for us…

2015-04-10 21.28.15

A complimentary bottle of wine and a cheese plate! I’m not much of a drinker but this weekend was all about my husband.

#idontremembermuchafterthatpoint    #illneverdothatagain


We started off the next morning with a senior breakfast at IHOP.

2015-04-11 10.03.12

There were a whole bunch of people waiting for a table. I went to give my name to the hostess and she said they weren’t taking names.

How are you supposed to keep track of who’s next is what I though to myself. So you know what I did when she walked away?

I got behind the hostess stand and took down everyone’s name and the number in their party.






After my successful stint as a hostess, we headed off to Sandia Casino for FREE birthday bingo and nachos!

2015-04-11 12.21.45

These electronic machines cost around $50.00. On your birthday you get one free! Not just for one session but two sessions! One session was all we could handle.



About an hour and a half into the three hour session, this happened:

2015-04-11 14.04.07

He won!!!


Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.12.21 PM

We didn’t just save money this weekend…we made money!

How often does that ever happen? Um, never!

#bestbirthdayever :-)


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Crossing Items Off My Bucket List


I’ve been on a roll lately with crossing items off my bucket list.

In late October 2014, right before I turned 53, I had my first experience as an ‘extra’. You can read that post HERE 

What I couldn’t reveal then was that the show was DIG on USA Network! My episode debuted on Thursday, March 26th.

Here is my 15 SECONDS of fame. There is no sound because I had it turned off…sorry. :-(



I was in three scenes that day and I had a good feeling that this one would make it into the show because I walked right in front of one star (with my TV husband, not my real husband) and the other star was right behind me. When we were filming, I thought the star behind me was a ‘bad guy’. It wasn’t until I watched the show that I realized he was one of the stars. Truth be told, I have no idea who either of these guys are! #imnotthathip

Since then, I was an ‘extra’ in an episode of The Night Shift on NBC. I was shadow #5… ;-) Needless to say, you couldn’t see me…but trust me I looked good. Oh, wait! I took a ‘selfie on set’. Don’t tell anyone though…apparently it’s frowned upon. #keepitonthedownlow


The wardrobe department really liked my outfit, especially my vest…which is thrifted of course!!

After my two stints as an extra AKA background, I decided to try out for something that would put me front and center instead…a runway model for New Mexico Fashion Week 2015!! #NMFWQ2015

That’s right, people…I took my 34.5″ / 28.5″ / 39″ figure…

(I know my measurements now, because I had to get measured when I tried out. Let me just say that the women doing the measuring took one look at me and let out the measuring tape! I thought it was hilarious!)

…put on a pair of leggings…AS PANTS (gasp)…along with a tight white tee shirt and a pair of high heels (that I got from Savers for $3.99 just for this) and attempted to strut down the runway. It was quite the experience…for everyone. ;-)

Did I get chosen by any of the designers to model for them? Um, no…but something even better happened…

I was asked to be a guest speaker at #NMFWQ2015 instead! The topic…thrifting high-end boutique fashion!!

20150329_114546 (1)


Of course, I had nothing to wear, so off to Savers I went and picked up THE cutest Ann Taylor skirt for $5.60!


Can you tell how thick the embroidery is? I LOVE it!


SAM_3562I’m missing my professional photos. :-(  I should have a new batch next week…YAY!

If you read my interview on Fabulous After 40, it will come as no surprise to you to find out that my shirt and jewelry are from White House Black Market. That was my favorite place to shop before I discovered thrifting. You can read the interview HERE.

Here is a photo of me with the event founder Melissa and Heather, my new friend who asked me to speak! She’s the one in the middle drinking…at noon…on a Sunday. ;-) #nojudgementhere

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 7.12.19 AM

Did you notice that I was scheduled to speak…for an hour and a half!!! Yeah. #iusedupeverysingleminute


I had a great time speaking about my love of thrifting and showing some of my best finds to the group of ladies in attendance.

I see public speaking in my future for sure!


P.S. Another bucket item is getting crossed off my list on Thursday, April 30th…



S/S 2015 Trend : The LDD


Today’s trend is The LDD…The Little Denim Dress!


This New York & Company denim dress ($5.00, The Family Thrift Center) is the perfect weight for Spring/Summer.


I paired it with a scarf and bracelet from Loft…



and some purple sandals from Payless…




Then, I added something else to my ensemble.



This cute little snake print cross body wallet.



It was a $4.00 find from Thrift Town.



Can you keep a secret?


I broke my own thrift store rule…this cute little bag is a Target brand! Shhh… ;-)

Are you a rule breaker?

GUESS WHAT??!! I was interviewed by Fabulous After 40 founder Deborah Boland! I’m the latest STYLEBLAZER :-)       Read my interview HERE !

Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Photography

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S/S 2015 Trend : Modern Safari


Once again my friend/thrifting buddy Doris and I headed off to the thrift store. This time it was Goodwill. Once again, she pulled something for herself that I ended up with. Lucky me!



This Pendleton sleeveless jacket…that’s right…it’s a sleeveless jacket NOT a vest… fits the Spring/Summer 2015 Modern Safari trend to a ‘T’. The cost of $10.49 fit my wallet to a ‘T’ also.


I put a WHBM sleeveless shirt under it just in case I wanted to wear it open. You know, in case of a hot flash. ;-)


I feel very ‘Out of Africa’ wearing this. Man, I did not like that movie…just sayin’.


Remember a looong time ago when I said I was going to try Rit dye for the first time? I finally tried it. When I say ‘I tried it’ I really mean my husband did it for me and it turned out really well! Check out how black my WHBM jeans turned out!


They look brand new! Thanks honey!


Since this was a safari look of course I had to add some animal print!


I got a little leopard and zebra going on in my sandals…




and some snakeskin printed leather going on in this Puntotres handbag that I scored for $20.00 at Safe House Thrift Store here in Albuquerque. This bag is made in Barcelona, Spain for ‘mucho dineros’.



Of course, we can’t forget the accessories.




Are you partaking in the Modern Safari trend this season?


Photo Credit: Sarah Velez Phtography

Fashion Essential : The Modern Lace Dress

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 8.49.25 PM

Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of lace, especially a lace dress. But since it’s a Fashion Essential …well I just had to have one!

So I’m at the thrift store, The Family Thrift Center to be exact, and I’m wandering around and came across their Vintage section. Lo and behold, I find this really cool looking Nanette Lepore lace dress hanging there! Now, I knew she was a high end designer but I wanted to know more about her, so I looked her up and discovered that we both went to the same University…Youngstown State!

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 8.51.35 PM


Then, I searched for the dress on line. I found it modeled in the color Mulberry.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 8.49.25 PM


Being the amateur model that I am, I attempted to recreate some of the same poses.

Don’t try this at home.. ;-)


Hmm, it doesn’t look like I got ANY of the poses right…hahaha. I guess amateur is right. ;-)


I really liked that this dress was a mixture of three different materials.



Because this is such a ‘sweet’ dress, I decided to ‘toughen’ it up with my accessories from Nordstrom. Don’t panic! They’re from my pre-thrifting days…though I do love Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack, I must say.



That bag is another one from local designer, Angelic Rios. I actually won this in a contest she had on her Facebook page. She has an Etsy page too…



Of course, we can’t forget the shoes. They are Nine West.



We never talked price yet, did we. WELL…red tags were 50% off that day and I picked up this vintage designer dress for $3.99! With tax it came up to $4.27.

How much did it originally sell for?

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 8.50.08 PM

That’s right people…I scored a $448.00 dress for $4.27. I would have to say that this is one of my BEST SCORES EVER!

What’s your best score?

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S/S 2015 Trend : Gingham


I adore gingham. I have three gingham shirts…black and white, brown and white and my most recent one…this blue and white Izod gingham shirt that I scored at Saver’s for $7.00, which actually is pretty pricey, IMHO. The asking price was $9.99 but I had a coupon. No surprise there. ;-)



Can we please take a moment and talk about my Gap Academy Blazer? Here is what it originally sold for…

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.33.35 AM

See that $88.00 price tag?



I paid $4.00 for it at Thrift Town. Um, yeah. It’s in perfect condition.



I’m trying to wear more of my jewelry. All three of these orange spiny oyster pieces are from Gertrude Zachary. Her stores are located here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. All her jewelry is sold at 50% off the retail price. I know, right! It is definitely THE place to go for Southwestern jewelry.


I decided to add my Osgoode Marley cross body wallet/bag $8.00 find from the Assistance  League of Albuquerque. If you are new to my blog, here is what it originally sold for:

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 11.44.40 PMYeah, I saved $131.50.





darlene2.32It’s like new!


Last, but certainly not least…my new favorite shoes. These slip on leopard tennis shoes!


You would think that with three gingham shirts, I would be done looking…but you would be incorrect! I am on the hunt for an orange and white one.  I’ve actually found two already but they were too small. :-( t

Are you as obsessed with gingham as I am?

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Zara Brand Clothing


Zara is a Spanish fashion chain offering catwalk-inspired house-brand clothing, shoes & accessories. It is also a brand that most every fashion blogger I follow, wears.

The fact that I recently scored TWO of their skirts from Thrift Town is pretty unbelievable!

Today’s look features a Zara skirt that I paid a mere $4.00 for.


How do you like the pattern mixing I’ve got going on? I love it! :-)


Let’s check out the details, shall we?

The necklace is actually a vintage Avon ‘gold’ leaves one that I scored at The Family Thrift Center for $3.99. I’m really loving ‘delicate’ necklaces right now.




The top and cardigan are both from White House Black Market. I have quite the collection of cardigans from their store.




This particular cardigan came out a couple of years ago when they introduced the color orange ( my favorite color ) into their collection.darlene2.24

Looks like I should have taken the time to steam it…oops.



The bracelet is from Charming Charlie’s. That place is always sending me coupon’s…they need to stop! ;-)  Surprise, surprise…I have it in tan too.




A close up of the skirt.


Love the pleats and the material the skirt is made out of. I see why this is such a popular brand.


You have seen these same sandals but in Cognac. They are from DSW.



Tell me, have you ever heard of Zara? Do you own any of their pieces? Did you only pay $4.00? Come on…dish!! ;-)

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