$260.00 for a Scarf ?

During a recent ‘thriftover’ my client’s mom pointed out a scarf to me that was on display. I had walked past it numerous times but never noticed it. After all, I was thrifting over her daughter and was concentrating on her. Imagine my surprise when I walked over to look at the scarf and saw this tag hanging from it:


First I was like OMG! It’s Giorgio Beverly Hills, a high end name brand.Then I looked at the original asking price. Are you kidding me? Who would pay that much for a scarf? Obviously no one, because it ended up at the thrift store!


Then, I turned the tag over and found this:



This was Thrift Town’s asking price. Still pretty high, right?! Then, I looked on the wall and discovered that violet tags were 50% off that day! That brings this $260.00 scarf down to $20.00 right?


Before I go any further, this is what the scarf looks like. By the way, did I mention that it is reversible? Here is side one:


You know how I feel about purple ( I don’t like it ). So I was pleased when I turned it over and saw this…



Nothing but silver. Okay, let’s stop right here and discuss this scarf. First…what IS this? A leaf? A wing? Seriously, help me out here. Second…the veins in the scarf are rubber! I know, right! To wear it you feed the end on the right through the hole on the bottom left. Crazy, huh!

Back to my story…

I get to the register to pay for my scarf and the cashier was like “No one was going to pay $40.00 for this scarf.” and I was like “I know! I’m glad it’s 50% off” THEN I handed her a coupon that was for $10.00 off when you spend $20.00. HELLO!!!!! That means I walked out the door with a $260.00 high end scarf for only $10.00!

Score one for me! ;-)

What is your best thrifted score?

Remember…I scored this scarf when I was doing a thriftover on my friend’s 20 year old daughter. Here is her amazing transformation from typical college student to polished professional:



Freaky Friday at Goodwill

Last month I went to the Goodwill located on the Westside of Albuquerque for the first time. My husband actually came in with me for a change.

The ‘Freaky Friday’ part of our shopping experience? Well, as I’m browsing through the women’s clothing I came across this:


It’s a MEN’S Beretta hunting/shooting vest! This vest retails around $300.00. It was a tad too big for my husband, but at $14.99 he can make it work. He was very happy that I found it.


Oh, did I mention that while browsing the jeans in the men’s department my husband came across something for ME?! Check this out:


A pair of White House Black Market (my favorite brand) jeans in just my size! It is the Noir fit. These are easily $80.00 jeans. I paid $5.49!

We both scored big that day!

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My Buffalo Exchange Thrift Store Haul!

Recently, I decided to revisit Buffalo Exchange. It’s located in Nob Hill in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (Know to the locals as Snob Hill). I always feel like I’m on vacation when I go there.

I hadn’t been to Buffalo Exchange in over a year. I always thought it was pricey and dark and not very organized. Well, things have changed in the last year!

When I walked inside I noticed a fresh coat of paint and rounds of organized clothing! The shoes were also organized by size. Now, I’m used to shopping at Savers and Thrift Town with either a buggy or at the very least a hand basket. Buffalo didn’t offer either of those two options. They don’t give you a bag for your purchases either.

I started looking around and soon had an armful of clothes. What happened next surprised me…an employee came up to me and asked if I would like to have a dressing room started! It was just like shopping at Loft or Ann taylor etc.

I bought three things that day for a total of $75.00 which is steep for a thrift store but the brands I got?…AMAZING!


First up, this black wrap dress from Ann Taylor for $16.00. A wrap dress is classic and everyone looks good in it.




Next up…a pair of J BRAND black skinny jeans for $38.00. I know, I know! But this brand retails for $200.00!!



I’ve saved the best for last…A Tory Burch dress that retails for MAJOR BUCKS!! The asking price was…$20.00. Crazy, huh! You want to know what was REALLY crazy? There was a tiny smudge of dirt on it, so I asked for a discount…and they gave me one!! I got an extra 15% off just for asking and got the dress for $17.00!!!

Here it is in all its beauty…


Don’t you just LOVE it?! I do, and maybe someday I will have a place to wear it.

I will definitely be thrifting there again. Perhaps I will do a thriftover there this summer…

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Converse and a New Pose


Check me out! hahahaha  ;-)  I was trying to showcase the shoes, hence the pose. I bought these floral Converse at DSW in San Antonio, Texas during my summer of shopping last year.

Now that I have discovered thrifting, I hope to return to San Antonio this summer to check out all their thrift stores!


Longing for my usual boring pose? You know, I’m not a model and I use a $50.00 Samsung camera I bought on QVC.



My pale yellow J.Crew cardigan is the only thrifted thing I have on. It was $3.99 at Thrift Town during a 50% off sale.

Have you seen my latest thrifted finds? Here they are:


Class Picture Day!

Originally posted on whosaprettygirl:

SAM_1452 Last week at my school it was class picture day. Of course I had to wear something thrifted and something that made me stand out! ;-) This Chico’s silver metallic blazer fit that to a T. The metallic trend is still going strong for the spring season. I thrifted it for $5.00 at Savers during another one of their 50% off sales. Rumor has it that their next 50% off sale is on Memorial Day. I can’t wait!

Have you seen any of my thriftovers yet? They are amazing! Just sayin’ ;-)


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