My ‘Go To’ Summer Skirt

SAM_2317 A white skirt was on my thrifted wish list this summer.This I-N-C brand skirt that I got for $10.99 at my friend Julia Jones store, Kouture Konsignment has been my ‘go to’ skirt all summer long. I wore it in Vegas with a simple black t-shirt and a $2.99 ‘turquoise’ necklace that I also thrifted at Kouture Konsignment. Here is a photo:

SAM_1991It was a cute look. I forgot to take a picture, so you will have to trust me on this.


Hold up! I decided to wear the black and white combo again, since I liked it so much…


See…told you it was cute!

Okay, back to this post…

This time around, I paired it with my green $6.00 Ann Taylor top from my Vegas trip, some purple sandals and this jewelry…


This bracelet and pendant are black mother of pearl and amethyst. I bought them at the Navy Exchange in Honolulu Hawaii, BIDT…Before I Discovered Thrifting. I paid $300.00 for it and thought that was a good deal! I mean, it’s really beautiful…but I rarely wear it. In fact, this was the only time I have worn it all summer long. I really am more of a costume jewelry kind of gal.

Just Something Cute…


This cute Tahari top was thrifted at the Assistance League of Albuquerque thrift store during my nine hour thrifting day! It is well worth the $7.00 I paid for it. At first, I paired it with white shorts, but I didn’t like how it looked together. Paired with this white skirt from Loft (old) I think it makes for a super cute look.

What do you think?

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Back to School with Addie and Donna!!!


I took my friend Donna and her daughter Addie to Thrift Town and found them the cutest back to school outfits ever!!

Click on the link to read the article and to see all the after pictures!

Scooter Skirt



I knew it!  What I own are scooter skirts…not skorts. A skort looks like a skirt from the front and shorts from the back. A scooter skirt looks like a skirt all the way around and is WAY more flattering!

Here are looks featuring all three scooter skirts I purchased on my Las Vegas thrift trip to Savers.

Look one features my $4.20 Izod golf scooter skirt:




Look two features my $5.60 leopard print one:




Look three features the $4.20 pink swirl scooter skirt:



This last look is my favorite. Which one do you like best?





Recently, I made a major life decision and decided to quit my day job as a Kindergarten teacher’s assistant. I then decided that I would become a substitute. I have worked for the local school system for the last ten years.You think they would just change my status from a full time employee to a substitute, right? Wrong!! Besides having to pay $20.00 for 20 hours of online training, where I can’t even skip the material and go straight to the test…they made me sit through a 4.5 hour orientation on how to be a substitute! Really people, really!?! O…MG!!!! We weren’t allowed to have any water or snacks with us either, and were only given two 10 minute breaks.

We also had to dress a certain way too. No bare shoulders were allowed. One lady was asked to leave unless she covered her arms. Really? The last time I checked the school dress code, bare arms were fine, as long as the width of your straps were 3 fingers wide.

I decided to wear my new $9.99 thrifted Ann Taylor silk skirt. Paired with my new scarf that I got from the WHBM store at the Grove City Outlets, I kind of have a whole ‘flight attendant’ vibe going on. I really like the combination of black with navy blue.

I apologize…this photo was taken at the end of the day, after I got rained on. I didn’t have time in the morning because my orientation started at 8:30 am. :-(

Okay, I’m done complaining.

Killing Time…at The Family Thrift Store

That’s what my husband told me to do…who am I to argue? So when he had to take care of some business, I took the car to the nearest thrift store…Family Thrift on Juan Tabo… to kill some time! This store has the rack of better clothing with pink tags that rarely go on sale. My mission today was to shop everywhere BUT that rack to see if I could find any ‘better clothing’. Guess what? I did!

Check out what I got…

SAM_2276Both green and blue tags were 50% off that day. Of the five things I got, three were half off!

Gray Chico’s Traveler’s top $5.99 (reg) I can’t seem to pass on anything Chico’s…I need an intervention!!

Cream Jones New York Sport Safari style jacket $4.99 (sale) My husband really liked this one.

Linda Allard/Ellen Tracy geometric print jacket $3.99 (sale)

Talbot’s creme sweater $3.99 (sale)

Ann Taylor silk navy skirt $9.99 (reg)

The skirt was the best score of this trip…check this out:


The picture says it all…


The Tag Tells a Story


Have you ever noticed the tag that runs along the side seam of some of the brands of clothing you purchase? This tag was on a Banana Republic skirt I thrifted for only $4.00 at Family Thrift. This tag tells me it is from their (BR) Fall, 2010 collection, more specifically, March 2010. That makes this skirt four years old. Makes you wonder if it is out of style or not on trend, doesn’t it?  I find that the more things change, the more they stay the same…


This paper bag waist skirt is still totally on trend four years later! The white tee shirt was $3.99 from Thrift Town. I popped the look with fuchsia sandals. I repeated the color in the tiny flowers in the scarf ( which was given to me by a dear client whose closet I cleaned out) and in the color of my lipstick. I read once, that when using an accent color in your home decor, it should be found in three places. such as  a vase, a pillow, and a painting. I decided to apply that concept to today’s outfit.