Gray Style



For a minute I couldn’t remember how much or where I thrifted this Style&Co sweater from! I’m losing my mind or thrifting too much…take your pick! This was purchased at The Family Thrift Center for $3.00 when I stopped in during Senior Day. I liked the detail on the back.


This picture shows the color better. It’s a dark gray. I paired it with a pair of black WHBM jeans that need to be re-dyed. I’m kind of sort of afraid to attempt it. I finally bought the RIT dye…and a 5 gallon bucket. I know you are supposed to do it in the washing machine or laundry sink but I’m afraid the black dye will get everywhere. I’m such a chicken!


Full on back view. Cute, right? Even though I’m not facing the camera my son tells me to smile…so I am. ;-) hahaha

What Did I Choose?


Remember that Facebook contest I won last month at Shoes on a Shoestring?

Here was my winning entry:



The prize was a $100.00 gift card to spend at their store.


Even though they are a shoe store they sell SO much more than shoes. In fact, I could have styled myself from head to toe there.

See for yourself…

20141204_113400Look at this HUGE selection of scarves! That faux fur black infinity scarf in the bottom right hand corner almost came home with me.



Not surprising is the fact that they sell socks to go with their shoes. Hmm, I wish I would have looked for some socks while I was there. I need some thinsulate socks.



I WAS kind of surprised that they sell sunglasses, but this is New Mexico and we have over 300 days of sunshine each year, so it really does make sense.



Yes, a great selection of Hue leggings can be found there.


20141204_113544Okay, I was REALLY tempted to spend part of my winnings on some of the items you see here but I stayed strong…(but it was really hard!)


I had a couple of ideas in mind of what I wanted to get. They have such a huge selection that it’s easy to get overwhelmed…and distracted…



Aren’t these the cutest slippers ever? When I first saw them I thought they were for little kids. Nope, they’re for us grownups!


I tried to focus…




20141204_113925 (1)You all know how I feel about leopard print!


After wandering up and down each aisle, I finally decided to concentrate on…


the boot section!


Are you ready to see what I spent my winnings on?



A pair of metallic, sparkly Uggs!


As luck would have it…and I have been pretty lucky lately…these Uggs were on clearance!



As you can see, Shoes on a Shoestring has a pretty unique clearance idea. The price goes down each month!. I bought these in December, so the cost was $119.99. My cost, out the door, after using my $100.00 gift card, was less than $29.00! Not bad for a pair of boots that normally retail for $159.99.

If you live in Albuquerque you need to check this place out. Their selection of shoes is one of the best in the city.  In fact, Shoes on a Shoestring was just voted one of the top five shoes stores according to Albuquerque The Magazine’s Best Of The City.


What? You want to see how I styled them? Oh, okay.



That’s my $2.50 Fenn Wright Manson 100% wool sweater from Savers. I paired it with a bronze tee from Target and a pair of black ponte HUE leggings.



Next time, I plan on pairing them with skinny jeans and a chunky sweater.

What would you choose if you had $100.00 to spend at a shoe store?













On Monday’s, the Goodwills here in New Mexico offer 25% off their entire store. There are numerous locations within a 20-25 minute drive from my house…BUT they just opened a store in Bernalillo, New Mexico (45 minutes away) that I really wanted to check out, so I grabbed my girlfriend and newest thrifting buddy Lisa and set out on a #goodwillit thriftventure!

Let me just say, it was totally worth the 45 minute drive but it wasn’t that easy to find. We had to stop and ask for directions. By the way, it’s right past Walmart. #yourewelcome


Here’s what I scored at my new favorite Goodwill location.



On my thrift ‘wish’ list was a black tote bag. I scored a ‘new with tags’ one for $4.49. Vests are always on my list too. This Sun Moda yellow one was $2.39. I liked the ‘uniqueness’ of it.

I went a little crazy in the shoe department…

L-R: Nike $3.74, Naturalizer $5.99, Ann Taylor $8.99 and O…MG… ‘like brand new’ COACH driving flats for $29.99! That was my favorite find of the day. :-)


Next, we hit up my former favorite Goodwill location, now number two on my list…the one located on Holly Ave. that everyone refers to as the one on Paseo.



This Pebble Beach golf skort still had the tags on it! For $9.74 I scooped it up WITHOUT trying it on.

After a quick lunch break at one of my new favorite restaurants, Viet Taste,  we headed to the location on Juan Tabo and Menaul. It’s tucked into the corner of the plaza with Ross. It’s one of their smaller locations but I always find something every time I go.


This time didn’t disappoint either. SAM_3237


L-R: Talbot’s $4.49, Gap $3.74 and Banana Republic $5.99.


Lisa and I both were super impressed with ALL the locations we visited that day. The stores were clean, the staff was friendly and the treasures were abundant.

I see more #goodwillit thriftventures in my future.   ;-)



Savers Friends and Family Event

So…Sunday’s are my ‘day off’ so to speak. I wear my glasses (which means I can’t see a thing…for real) and my ‘Walmart’ clothes (no offense, people) which consists of workout pants and a tee shirt. I don’t wear makeup and on THIS particular Sunday I didn’t even wash my hair. :-(  The ONLY place I go when I look like this, is for a walk around the block with Miss Oreo.

While walking Miss Oreo,  I checked my Facebook feed and saw that my friend Lori, who works at Savers, had posted that they were having a Friends and Family event THAT NIGHT from 7-9 PM. My first thought was Oh…my gosh! I never knew Savers did such a thing! My second thought was CRAP! I look like sh@# and I never go out that late!

When I found out that the entire store was 50% off PLUS all new items (that NEVER go on sale) were 20% off AND that the event was INVITATION ONLY…I took one for the team and went to Savers looking au natural. Let me just say, when my friend Lori saw me that night she said “You look so different” which is the NICE way of saying You look like sh@#.

So my girl Doris (of course I asked if she could come too!) and I headed off to Savers. Because it was by invitation only, there were hardly any people there…like MAYbe 20? It was AWESOME  having the whole store to ourselves.

Let me just say that two hours is not a lot of time to shop. In fact, Doris and I were the last ones to leave the store…thrifty minutes AFTER they closed. They were all super nice about having to stay late. Doris told me that I can never go thrifting again with my glasses on because I was no help to her (giving my opinion on how she looked). In fact, I had to have my friend Lori come to the dressing room with me (because Doris was still out shopping) to tell me how I looked because I couldn’t see. Thanks Lori!

Here’s what I scored that night:

SAM_3241I bought this $4.00 Athleta sweater for a friend who I know loves this brand.


I hit the shoe department and scored…



‘like new’ Lifestride brown loafers ($5.00) and not in good shape, according to my husband.$2.50 Enzo Angiolini black flats. In my defense, I couldn’t see.


For layering I got…



L-R: Chico’s $3.00 and Josephine Chaus $1.99. It SHOULD have been $4.00 but I asked for a discount because it had SEVERAL stains on the front of it. By the way, the stains came out. Yay!


Up next, something to wear with leggings.



This Premise open front long sweater $4.00 matches my carpeting!


Always on the hunt for ponchos, I scored two more!

SAM_3243This Collection XIIX Ltd. one was $4.00.


THEN I scored this one…

SAM_3245New with a Macy’s tag…Style&Co poncho for $4.00!!

Check out the back…


Cute, right?! I can’t wait to wear it.

Thanks Lori, for inviting me to this event. You rock!


Embroidered Skirt…Three Ways

SAM_2958Here’s that black Persaman New York embroidered skirt I thrifted during Savers Veteran’s Day sale for $1.50. Can you believe how inexpensive it was?

I took that skirt and styled it three ways for you. Okay…once again I didn’t want to put on a pair of black tights. My husband was like…”You can’t take five minutes to put on a pair of tights? You’re legs are REALLY white.”

No honey, I can’t take five minutes to put on a pair of tights…that’s why I faux tan…which I’m also lazy about. You all want to know what I’m NOT lazy about? Skin care. I always wash and moisturize my face twice a day…every day. Speaking of my face, these photos were taken at the end of the day and my face was all shiny. I apologize for being too lazy to blot it before taking these photos. Hmm, looks like I should have combed my hair too. Oopsy… :-(


Look one:



Pairing it with a black sweater was a no brainer. I haven’t worn a flower pin in forever, so I thought this outfit was the perfect opportunity.


Look two:



I decided to mix it up a bit, and pair it with a gingham shirt and my $2.50 thrifted red Italian merino wool sweater from The Family Thrift Center. The jewelry and shoes are from my Target birthday haul.


Look three:


This time around I paired it with this $3.00 thrifted Banana Republic sweater, also from The Family Thrift Center. These are my $500.00 Tory Burch boots that I scored for $70.00 last year at Nordstrom Rack. I think I might end up consigning them. They are just a smidgen too tall.

Do you have a favorite among these three looks?


I Had a Thrifting Birthday Party!

Click on the link to see what happened when I set my girlfriends loose inside Thrift Town to do a thriftover on me for my birthday!


Oh, and I picked up a few vintage handbags for myself while I was there. ;-)



It Started With a Pair of Boots

SAM_3036I purchased these burgundy boots last year at Macy’s.

On a recent trip to The Family Thrift Center I came across this Coldwater Creek sweater $3.00 and thought to myself that it would go perfect with these boots.



I was right! The color was spot on.


While I was there, I also came across this Style & Co. (Macy’s) sweater $3.00.

SAM_3039I loved the detail on the back of it…


SAM_3040Cute, right?

The next day, my husband dropped me off at My Best Friend’s Closet…Voted Albuquerque’s #1 Consignment store. This is the first time I had been there. It’s full of beautiful clothes, shoes and jewelry. The owner, Rebecca Montoya, is super stylish, friendly and knowledgeable.

I was on a mission while I was there. I was trying to find a taupe colored top to go under my sweater that matches my boots.


Do you see the color I’m trying to match? I did not have the sweater with me. Let’s see how I did.



Pretty good, huh. This KENAR top set me back $14.99, but I don’t mind because I really like it.


Then I hit up the 50% off rack…



and scored this ADDITIONS by Chico’s jacket for $17.50. It feels like it’s made out of paper…weird, huh. But it’s super cute.

Then I got home with all my treasures and finished putting my outfit together.

I went to my closet and picked out the jewelry…

SAM_3043A super old sale necklace from Loft and a really cool bracelet from Lia Sophia that I got for $10.00 off.


Let’s see how it all turned out.


How did I do?









Shades of Brown


On a recent day out I finally wore this brown Talbot’s silk blouse from Goodwill that I bought over the summer. I think the cost was $7.99. I paired it with my flats from Target and some old tiger’s eye jewelry from WHBM.


Guess what I wore for a coat?


You guessed it! My $20.00 Worthington coat from Thrift Town! Completing my look is an eel skin clutch that I scored there too! It’s soft like but-tah! lol ;-)

On another note, today is my baby’s birthday…He’s 18!!! Happy Birthday Adam! :-)


I Entered a Contest

Recently, a local, family owned business called Shoes on a Shoestring (SOAS) had a Boot Bonanza Photo Contest. The prize was a $100.00 gift card.

It just so happened that I was in the market for a pair of dark brown boots. Do you know how hard it is to find that color brown? Trust me, it is. SOAS has a huge selection of footwear for the ENTIRE family and they have awesome sales to boot! ;-) In conjunction  with the contest, they had their boots on sale for 20% off. Yay!

I found a pair of boots that I liked and headed home to style them for the contest. The focus was to be ON.THE.BOOT. My husband took a bunch of photos…








Recognize my $3.00 thrifted skirt from Savers?



Then I decided to try it with my finds from My Best Friend’s Closet. That’s the Additions by Chico’s $17.50 jacket and $14.99 KENAR top. It looked better in person.


Then I had Mitch take a photo that really just focused on the boots…



I sent this photo along with the second photo I posted above, and asked SOAS to decide which one to use for the contest.

So, they chose the above photo to enter in the contest. My competition was only two other people! Both of their photos were taken in the store, trying on the boots. Hmm, I wonder if they purchased them… One showed a half zipped boot and the other…well…it was the cutest little boy giving two thumbs up to the boots his mom was wearing. That cute factor is hard to beat. Mitch said I should have had Oreo in my picture.

Guess what? I WON!!!

Stay tuned to see what I bought with that $100.00…   :-)

P.S. I just linked up with:


What I’ve Been Wearing to Go Thrifting


I wore this to my thrifting birthday party at Thrift Town. It was a lot of fun! The post comes out this Friday, December 12th. Wait until you see what my girlfriends picked out for me!




My tops from Victoria’s Secret and tan flats from Target. All from my birthday haul.



My $5.00 Talbots jacket that didn’t fit my friend Doris. Isn’t it cute?