Rehearsal Dinner…and Miss Oreo too!


Look at Miss Oreo’s gray muzzle…it makes me sad. :-(  Being a rescue dog means that  I am not quite sure how old she. My husband thinks she is around seven years old.

Not the most flattering photo of her this time. On the other hand, I am really liking this outfit I threw together at the last moment ( because of the weather) for a wedding rehearsal dinner.

The venue was pretty casual, so I went with what you see here. Once again, I am wearing one of my favorite thrifted finds…this Talbot’s navy blazer from Savers ($9.99)

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My New Gray Converse


I’m loving my new gray Converse. I bought them online at DSW. After coupons, I paid $35.00. You know me, I RARELY pay full price for anything!

I’m really surprised how versatile these are, though I shouldn’t be. After all, gray IS a neutral! For today’s look I paired it with a top I thrifted last summer along with my thrifted denim jacket. Have you jumped on the denim jacket bandwagon yet? What are you waiting for?

Maybe you don’t know what brand you should get…download my guide to thrifting high end labels here:

Cutest Thrifted Outfit Ever…and Did I Mention That I Was On TV Again? ;-)


Is this not the cutest head to toe thrifted outfit ever?! Minus my sunglasses, EVERYTHING is thrifted.

Do you recognize the jacket ($5.00) and blouse ($3.50) from my Las Cruces NM Savers trip? Of course you don’t, because I haven’t posted it yet! OOPS! My pants are the J BRAND( $38.00) skinny jeans. Lucky Brand flats ($9.99) because they were new from Thrift Town and jewelry from Thrift Town complete this just under $80.00 look.

I know that seems pricey, but the pants alone retail for around $200.00. I just love thrifting! :-)

PS. Yes, I was on The Morning Brew with Larry Ahrens again talking about thrifting!! Here is the link:

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J BRAND Black Skinny Jeans


These thrifted J Brand black skinny jeans were well worth the $38.00 I paid. Unlike my Michael Kors pants that only fit me twice a year (when I’m skinny enough to fit in them) these jeans fit just right all the time! I can see why people pay $200.00 for them. They feel great and the color doesn’t fade. That’s a big plus in my book.

It’s Spring here in New Mexico, which means it turned cold again and we had a blizzard…and I’m not talking the DQ variety! I could have worn my $5.00 NORTHFACE goose down jacket today! No worries though, it melted immediately. Thank goodness!

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$260.00 for a Scarf ?

During a recent ‘thriftover’ my client’s mom pointed out a scarf to me that was on display. I had walked past it numerous times but never noticed it. After all, I was thrifting over her daughter and was concentrating on her. Imagine my surprise when I walked over to look at the scarf and saw this tag hanging from it:


First I was like OMG! It’s Giorgio Beverly Hills, a high end name brand.Then I looked at the original asking price. Are you kidding me? Who would pay that much for a scarf? Obviously no one, because it ended up at the thrift store!


Then, I turned the tag over and found this:



This was Thrift Town’s asking price. Still pretty high, right?! Then, I looked on the wall and discovered that violet tags were 50% off that day! That brings this $260.00 scarf down to $20.00 right?


Before I go any further, this is what the scarf looks like. By the way, did I mention that it is reversible? Here is side one:


You know how I feel about purple ( I don’t like it ). So I was pleased when I turned it over and saw this…



Nothing but silver. Okay, let’s stop right here and discuss this scarf. First…what IS this? A leaf? A wing? Seriously, help me out here. Second…the veins in the scarf are rubber! I know, right! To wear it you feed the end on the right through the hole on the bottom left. Crazy, huh!

Back to my story…

I get to the register to pay for my scarf and the cashier was like “No one was going to pay $40.00 for this scarf.” and I was like “I know! I’m glad it’s 50% off” THEN I handed her a coupon that was for $10.00 off when you spend $20.00. HELLO!!!!! That means I walked out the door with a $260.00 high end scarf for only $10.00!

Score one for me! ;-)

What is your best thrifted score?

Remember…I scored this scarf when I was doing a thriftover on my friend’s 20 year old daughter. Here is her amazing transformation from typical college student to polished professional:


Freaky Friday at Goodwill

Last month I went to the Goodwill located on the Westside of Albuquerque for the first time. My husband actually came in with me for a change.

The ‘Freaky Friday’ part of our shopping experience? Well, as I’m browsing through the women’s clothing I came across this:


It’s a MEN’S Beretta hunting/shooting vest! This vest retails around $300.00. It was a tad too big for my husband, but at $14.99 he can make it work. He was very happy that I found it.


Oh, did I mention that while browsing the jeans in the men’s department my husband came across something for ME?! Check this out:


A pair of White House Black Market (my favorite brand) jeans in just my size! It is the Noir fit. These are easily $80.00 jeans. I paid $5.49!

We both scored big that day!

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