Thrift Trip Las Vegas! Part Two…Savers

SAM_2228That’s right people…I went to 5 of the 6 Savers locations in Las Vegas, Nevada! My first stop was the W. Warm Spring Rd. location in Henderson. Let me just say that good customer service was alive and well at ALL the locations I went to. A store employee opened the door and beckoned me in from the 100+ heat. The look and feel of the stores were all the same too, just like the ones in Albuquerque. Clean, bright and organized…just the way I like it! However, all the stores specials are different. On Monday’s they do not have 99 cents clothing , but they do offer everybody 25% off for Customer Appreciation day. I tried on some clothing here, but didn’t buy anything. :-(

Next up was the N. Rancho Dr. location. Not the best area, not the cleanest of stores, but still good customer service. I had to have the guy working the dressing rooms zip me up. He was a good sport.

I actually scored really well here. I used a 30% off savings pass and got 5 items for $26.00.



You all know my addiction to animal prints, so this Carina top $5.60 was a no brainer. The Talbot’s sheath dress $5.60 has the back slit still tacked together. The plaid Talbot’s silk dress $7.00 was the one the dressing room attendant had to help me zip up…and down. That’s an I-N-C military style sweatshirt material jacket $4.90 and a slip for $2.80.


On to the Savers Thrift Superstore on E. Tropicana Ave. I was excited to be going to a ‘superstore’ but was hugely disappointed when I walked in. The store was big, but the whole front of the store was empty! That didn’t stop me from scoring though. I used another 30% off savings pass and scored 6 items for $38.00.



I scored three scooter skirts here…yes…scooter skirt is the correct term, not skort. I will explain the difference in an upcoming post. The pink swirl one was $4.20, the pink Izod golf one was $4.20 and the NWT leopard one was $5.60. The Croft and Barrow print top and black Banana Republic top were $5.60 each. Those are Lucky Brand jeans for $12.60.


I was really excited to hit the Savers on West Lake Mead Blvd. in Summerlin. It’s a well-to-do area. My in-laws live there… just sayin’.  By now, I was really tired of trying things on…but I still managed to score 5 items for $31.50. I saved 25% off because it was Customer Appreciation Day.



Saks gray cardigan $6.00, POPulation brown cardigan $6.00, Muse for Boston Proper jacket $7.50, and two tops by Ann Taylor for $6.00 each.


I also hit the Savers on S. Decatur Blvd. I was officially done thrifting…totally burnt out…so all you get are some pictures of some unbelievable finds.

image copy 4


Yes, it’s a Jones New York $280.00 suit for $19.99. My size, but I was too tired to try it on.


Last, but not least…

image copy 3


A Prada jacket…at the thrift store…for $12.99. It was too small for me. :-(

That’s it for my Savers thrift tour of Vegas. My total thrifting score on this entire trip was $134.00 for 22 items. Not bad, not bad at all.


What? You want to know if I ever made it to Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale? Actually, I never did. After seeing their sale catalog, there wasn’t anything in it that I felt I had to have. However, I did make it to Nordstrom Rack and DSW, where my husband, who usually waits hours for me…gave me only ONE hour to shop.

Here is what I bought :



Two pairs of Kut from the Kloth jeans and a pair of UGG tennis shoes. How much for all three items? Try $130.00! Crazy, huh!


At DSW, I paid $15.00 ( because I had a $5.00 off coupon ) for these:


My husband was rushing me… I hope these don’t hurt my feet!

Do you see why I love thrifting so much? The value is crazy good! Come on…22 items for $134.00 VS 4 items at $144.00?

Why isn’t everyone at the thrift store?

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Thrift Trip Las Vegas! Part One

I’m back from my thrift tour of Las Vegas and totally burnt out from thrifting! Three full days of thrifting will do that to you. I decided to make this a two part post. Part One is about every thrift store but Savers…and Part Two is all about the 5 of 6 Savers stores that I thrifted at.

Here we go…

While my husband attended the Cigar event with his friend P, I hit every thrift store known to man with his wife L. L is a retired Las Vegas Metro policewoman, so she knows her way around the city. She also knows her way around a thrift store. She shopped circles around me!

Since they live north of Vegas, we headed up to St. George, Utah for our first day of thrifting. It was a really beautiful drive…

image copy 10




First up…Coyote Exchange…



which, in my opinion was a copy cat to this store…

image copy 9


just sayin’. The staff was friendly enough, and because I had a 10% off coupon that I picked up at a consignment shop earlier that day I purchased this…


SAM_2229A casual Ralph Lauren top and black bracelet for $15.00 My mission for this trip was to find more tops than anything else.


Next up was a store called Urban Revival or Urban Renewal, I can’t remember the exact name…and they don’t give you bags or receipts so your guess is as good as mine. I’ve been drawn to vintage clothing lately, so trying this jumpsuit on was a no brainer…



This is a size Large…yeah…way too small. I ended up with these Gap denim capri pants…and I’m not a capri pant girl, but none of my shorts are in dress code for work so I purchased these for $8.00, I think…but I don’t have a receipt.



They are nicer, and bluer in person. That’s everything I bought in Utah…now on to Vegas, baby!!


First stop was Deseret Industries Thrift Store on West Craig Rd. This is the largest of their two locations in Vegas. The staff was very helpful, the store was SUPER organized, but I didn’t feel that they had a ton of high-end brands. They do not charge tax here, which saved me 8% on this purchase…



L-Banana Republic $7.00      R- Express $4.00


Next up was Buffalo Exchange, located on S. Maryland Parkway.  O…MG! They had some really nice stuff! I didn’t purchase anything there because I didn’t feel like trying anything on. I did take some pictures though… these shoes were pretty interesting.

image copy 5


image copy 6


But what REALLY caught my eye? This dress…

image copy 7


It’s Carmen Marc Valvo and it’s brand new! Check this out…

image copy 8Yeah…a $395.00 dress for $16.00? That’s why I love thrifting!

I also checked out a local consignment shop called Trading Labels located on W. Sahara Ave. We showed up 20 minutes before closing time. My jaw hit the floor with all the beautiful, highest of the high-end labels she had there. I tried on a beautiful paisley coat but it was too small. :-(  The owner, Natasha was beyond super nice! We didn’t feel rushed and come to find out, she used to work in Albuquerque for Elizabeth Arden! I wrote a really nice review of her store on her Trading Labels Facebook page. If you go to Las Vegas or live there, you really need to stop here and check it out for yourself.

Hardly worth mentioning is a quick trip to The Salvation Army where I picked up an Ann Taylor black sweater for $3.00. It was 50% off.

Our last stop was the Goodwill on S. Eastern Ave. I picked up this cute velvet paisley clutch for $5.00 because I got a teacher discount. It actually had a Buffalo Exchange price tag of $13.00 on it, so I guess you could say that I DID buy something at Buffalo Exchange after all! ;-)




Remember how I said I was into vintage clothing? Check out this dress that was too small for me, of course.

image copy 2


I believe it’s from the late 60’s early 70’s. Correct me if I’m wrong. Here is the tag.

image copyI don’t know how much this dress is worth, but Goodwill was only asking $7.99.

Well, there you have it…Part One of my Vegas thrift trip. What do you think?



Too Dressy… Even For Me!

SAM_2194Can you believe this is what I chose to wear on a day my husband and I were doing mundane errands? I really wanted to wear my new White House Black Market striped maxi skirt, but even I deemed this look too dressy for what we were doing. Instead, I’m wearing this when we go to Las Vegas to visit friends and hopefully hit up numerous Savers thrift stores! Ok, I might go to Nordstrom for their Anniversary Sale…and Nordstrom Rack and yes, I will probably go to DSW while I’m in Vegas too. Hey, I’m only human. ;-)

Update: Yes, I did take this outfit to Las Vegas, but I never wore it because I was too lazy to change for dinner! Had I been on vacation with my BFF Gaylen, you know I would have worn it, because we always changed clothes to go out to dinner! Isn’t that right, Gaylen. ;-)




Black and White with a Pop of Pink!


You all know how I love my black and white…add a pop of pink and voila…perfection! Well, not really but I think it’s cute. ;-)

We were headed to the movies, which means air conditioning, which means…


adding a beyond super cute WHBM cardigan! By the way, I forgot to take my cardigan into the movie theater! No worries though, it was roasting in there! Go figure… :-)

Family Thrift’s 50% off the Entire Store Haul!

This is the store where I found my very first ‘treasure’. A Dolce and Gabbana top for $5.99, new with tags!. Although last time I thrifted here the customer service was lacking, today everyone was beyond super helpful and friendly…YAY!

The entire store was 50% off for senior’s ages 50+…that’s me! I knew it was going to be crazy at the dressing room so I wore my thrifting ‘uniform’ so I could just stand in front of a mirror and try on clothes . Go to my website and download my thrifting guide to find out what my ‘uniform’ consists of.

Today’s haul did not disappoint…


First up the skirts…L-R: Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and Talbot’s.



Next up, a couple of maxi dresses. The one on the left I sold ( $5 ) to a girlfriend for her daughter. The one on the right…well, it’s homemade and I think it’s pretty cool. I like the vintage look of it.

Update: My husband absolutely hates that dress. :-(  If you want it, head on over to Kouture Konsignment, because that is where I took it.



Florals in the house! L- INC @ Macy’s….R- Jones New York




Did someone say Chico’s? Looks like I did! The first two are Chico’s Travelers.

This entire haul set me back $50.00. That might seem like a lot, but not for all the name brands I scored!

Good ‘n Plenty


This striped maxi skirt from Target totally reminds me of that sweet, delicious licorice candy! Don’t you agree? This was an online purchase along with the tank top. I also purchased a gray tank to go with it…


I like it best paired with the coral colored tank. Which is your favorite?

PS : The top picture is what I wore for my two nephew’s graduation party when I was in Ohio. It is so humid there that everyone wears sleeveless tops…and the boys/men sit on the front porch without any shirts on. I don’t miss that at all…

Trend Alert: Florals

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