Black and White with a Pop of Pink!


You all know how I love my black and white…add a pop of pink and voila…perfection! Well, not really but I think it’s cute. ;-)

We were headed to the movies, which means air conditioning, which means…


adding a beyond super cute WHBM cardigan! By the way, I forgot to take my cardigan into the movie theater! No worries though, it was roasting in there! Go figure… :-)

Family Thrift’s 50% off the Entire Store Haul!

This is the store where I found my very first ‘treasure’. A Dolce and Gabbana top for $5.99, new with tags!. Although last time I thrifted here the customer service was lacking, today everyone was beyond super helpful and friendly…YAY!

The entire store was 50% off for senior’s ages 50+…that’s me! I knew it was going to be crazy at the dressing room so I wore my thrifting ‘uniform’ so I could just stand in front of a mirror and try on clothes . Go to my website and download my thrifting guide to find out what my ‘uniform’ consists of.

Today’s haul did not disappoint…


First up the skirts…L-R: Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and Talbot’s.



Next up, a couple of maxi dresses. The one on the left I sold ( $5 ) to a girlfriend for her daughter. The one on the right…well, it’s homemade and I think it’s pretty cool. I like the vintage look of it.

Update: My husband absolutely hates that dress. :-(  If you want it, head on over to Kouture Konsignment, because that is where I took it.



Florals in the house! L- INC @ Macy’s….R- Jones New York




Did someone say Chico’s? Looks like I did! The first two are Chico’s Travelers.

This entire haul set me back $50.00. That might seem like a lot, but not for all the name brands I scored!

Good ‘n Plenty


This striped maxi skirt from Target totally reminds me of that sweet, delicious licorice candy! Don’t you agree? This was an online purchase along with the tank top. I also purchased a gray tank to go with it…


I like it best paired with the coral colored tank. Which is your favorite?

PS : The top picture is what I wore for my two nephew’s graduation party when I was in Ohio. It is so humid there that everyone wears sleeveless tops…and the boys/men sit on the front porch without any shirts on. I don’t miss that at all…

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Thrift Trip! Village Discount Outlet: Lisa



My last stop on my mini thrift trip to Ohio was Village Discount Outlet on State Rd. near Akron….a mere 45 minute drive from my sister’s house. Yay! This time around I thrifted over my cousin Lisa who is the same age as my sister (47). This particular thrift store came recommended by a blogger I follow who happens to live in Akron. Her name is Dina. Here is a link to her blog:

This store did not disappoint! Here is a quick review:

The Good: The store has a designated rack of better clothing. Yay! Also, they have racks upon racks of brand new clothing that were buyouts, and some of the buyouts were on clearance! Two colored tags were 50% off that day. They have one day with tags that are only $1.00 and another day with tags that are 75 cents. They have five dressing rooms.

The Bad: The people that work here, as my son Michael would say, hate their job. Unsmiling, unhelpful, that included the manager that was on duty that day too. VERY disappointing. The dressing room had a five item limit, and the lady overseeing them was strict…to the point that she was knocking on the door asking how many items my cousin had in there! O…MG, really? Let me just say, at the end of the four hours we were there, this lady had warmed up to my sparkling personality and offered to hold the dressing room for us while we went and looked for more stuff AND she let Lisa take in as many clothes as she wanted. The only other ‘bad’ thing is the store was NOT organized by size which makes it difficult and very time consuming to do a thriftover.

I enlisted my sister Annette to help me pull clothes for Lisa, and she did a fantastic job! How good you ask? She picked out a cute little sequined black dress ( $5.00 ) whose label I did not recognize. When Lisa got home she looked it up and found out that the designer of the dress had worked for Oscar de la Renta! Uh, Annette…you’re hired!

Of all four thriftovers I did, Lisa scored the best haul. On our way here she mentioned that she was going on a seven day cruise, so I made it my mission to find her things to wear on her vacation. I also found her clothing that would work for her job as a Special Education teacher.

Here is her ‘before’:



Isn’t she in great shape? I never looked this good…ever.


Here is her ‘after’:

SAM_2168 2

Why doesn’t she have a head? Because I was in a hurry when I took her picture, and I’m a lousy photographer. Sorry Lisa!  She looks great in this outfit though, don’t you agree? She tried it on for her mother-in-law and she loved it too. Needless to say, Lisa was a lot of fun to thriftover because she looked gorgeous in everything she tried on.


Here  is her $120.00 haul:


Lisa really scored in the name brand department… Banana Republic, Tahari and Ann Taylor, just to name a few. She also scored a Bandolino denim ‘suit’.

She was really pleased with all the clothing she got and I was too.  In my opinion, Village Discount Outlet is the best thrift store in Ohio!

Thrift Trip! Ohio Thrift Store : Part Two…Annette and Roberta

Just in case you did not see Part One of my trip and need to get up to speed here is the link:


Okay, here we go…

First up, a quick review of the store:

The Good: The store was clean, bright and organized by size. It has three colors on sale every day at 25, 50 and 75% off. The last Wednesday of every month and sometimes mid-month they have a 50% off sale on all used merchandise. There was no limit to the number of items you could take into the dressing room. They also sell new items. Near the registers was quite a selection of new clothing from Target. They also sell brand new furniture ( and it was really nice ), that they will finance for you if you are an Ohio resident.

The bad: Their selection of name brand clothing was sorely lacking. They bill themselves, as having tons of designer clothing…not! Customer service was lacking, and the employees I did manage to find..well, English was their second language and it was creating problems with making myself understood. There were only two dressing rooms. I put Annette and Roberta in the same dressing room , but people were complaining, so they ended up trying on the rest of their clothing in an aisle in front of a mirror. They both had read my thrifting guide, so they were dressed appropriately in order to do that. Here is the link in case you want to download it for yourself:

On to the thriftovers…

This is the first time I have ever thrifted two people at once…and it worked! Why? Because they were close to the same size. Roberta is a 10/12 and Annette is a 12/14. Remember, I always pull two sizes, because you never know which size is going to fit. Annette was looking for ‘fat friendly’ tops. BTW, she buys all her clothes at Sam’s Club because she is always there. Roberta was looking to up her game with prints. The colors Roberta didn’t like, were the colors that Annette did.

Here is my sister Annette’s ( age 47 ) ‘before’:


She is imitating my pose. ;-)  Work it girl!

Here is her ‘after’:


Yes…it’s black and white, but doesn’t she look thinner? Wearing patterns is a great way to camouflage extra weight. Her Croft and Barrow top was $2.99 and her New York and Company capri’s were $3.99.

She has several afters:SAM_2141

and last but not least:


This two piece denim ‘suit’ is Chico’s! It was $14.99 and was the one item that they both wanted. Looks like Annette won. ;-)


Now it’s Roberta’s turn…age 52, just like me…well, I’m four months older, but who’s counting?

Here is her ‘before’:



and here is her ‘after’:



Doesn’t she look great? I love this look. Her St. John’s Bay top was $7.99. It was brand new with tags ($24.00 ). The label in her skirt had been cut out so I have no idea of the brand but it was only $5.99. Her Gap black flats were priced at $8.99, but  were 75% off, so she only paid $2.25!

She has several ‘afters’ also:




Love this too!  Do you see how just adding something with embellishment or pattern ‘zhuzh’s up an outfit? These last two looks are similar to her’ before’, but have more pizzazz.

Did you happen to notice all the fabulous jewelry Roberta is wearing?




Each piece was handcrafted by her! I know, right! She is in the process of opening her own shop on Etsy. I’ll keep you posted when that happens.


Now let’s check out  their hauls. Up first, Annette’s. Her’s came in around $50.00, I think.




Roberta’s haul was around $100.00.

SAM_2127We all had a lot of fun and I can’t wait until we do it again!

PS: You didn’t think I would take a three hour trip to a thrift store and not get anything for myself did you? …



That’s a Chico’s Travelers lime green top, a guayabera shirt for the hubby and two pairs of brand new flats for me!

Thrift Trip! Ohio Thrift Store : Part One…Nelson

As some of you may know, I recently took a trip to Northeastern Ohio to visit my sister Annette and my dad, Dallas. I also wanted to visit some thrift stores while I was there. After having done some research on the internet (to determine the best thrift store in Ohio) Annette, Roberta, (my friend since kindergarten) and I decided to take a three hour drive down to Columbus to go thrifting at Ohio Thrift Store.

SAM_2102Well, it just so happens that my sister’s sister-in-law’s husband, Nelson, lives in Columbus and heard that I was in the market for a male client to thrift over, and he agreed to do it!

This is how it went down:

We met Nelson at his house in Columbus, and followed him to the store. At first he wanted us to all go together in one car, and I informed him we would be there for HOURS. He quickly changed his mind.

I sent Annette and Roberta off on their own to look for bottoms for themselves while I looked for Nelson.

Speaking of Nelson, I guess you would like to see a before picture. Keep in mind, he just woke up right before I took this:


I asked him if he was willing to dye his hair and he was! His sister-in-law filled out the style survey for him. She wanted a Charlie Sheen vibe for him. Nelson always wears athletic type clothing. BTW, he is 55 years old.

Not to change the subject, but this is the inside of my sister’s house in Ohio. She really likes the whole southwest vibe.

Okay, back to Nelson. I found his clothing quickly… he was done in one hour flat! Thank goodness because Nelson started getting antsy 45 minutes into it…men!! ;-)

Nelson has two ‘after’ photos.

Look number one:


I love the whole ‘beachy wedding’ type vibe of this look! I was super excited when I found these Tasso Elba (a Macy’s brand) linen pants. The cost? $4.99. The flip flops were $1.99 and the Axist (Kohl’s brand) blue shirt was $5.99. The whole look came in around $13.00.


Later that day he met us for dinner and wore another look I found for him:


Love this look too! This Eddie Bauer shirt was $6.99 and the shorts? Well, they were the best score of the day. Check it out:



Uh, yeah…brand new from Macy’s, shorts. Nelson only paid $12.99. This whole look was around $20.00. He was really happy with all his purchases, and I can’t thank him enough for being my first male thriftover.

Which look is your favorite?

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