The Theater


Recognize this skirt that I just bought from WHBM? I decided to wear it to see my friend Joni star as Nurse Ratchet in Albuquerque’s Little Theater production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. It just so happens that my youngest son is taking a Theater Appreciation class and is required to see one play and write a paper on it, so this was perfect!


Did you happen to notice that I went all out and actually took the time to curl my hair? Yeah… I did. Nothing thrifted today…although I saw these shoes that I got from Marshall’s a couple of years ago at Thrift Town last summer. The rest of my look is White House Black Market.

Product Review: Dermalogica Clear Start


See the remnants of that pimple above my lip? That same pimple almost ruined my recent trip to Las Vegas…

The day before I was scheduled to leave on my trip I went to see my girl Brittany at Tanglz Salon for what I like to call “The Works”. You know… a shellac mani, a pedi ( both always with black polish because black goes with everything ) and a lip and brow wax.

Well, I had this huge painful cyst type pimple above my lip that poor Brittany had to wax around. As I was checking out she grabbed this Dermalogica Clear Start Emergency Spot Fix and put it on my pimple.

I immediately felt it working!

When I got home and continued to feel it working I knew I had to have it, no matter what the cost. So I got in my car and drove back to the salon and purchased this product! The cost? Only $19.00 and worth every penny!

I have medication from the dermatologist and none of that compares to this. I highly recommend this product.

On a side note…I’m almost 53 years old and still getting pimples…UGH!!! Enough already.



On a recent outing I decided to wear this shirt. I bought it because my husband is a scientist…a toxicologist to be exact.

I was reminded of the last time I was photographed in it…

SAM_0242I submitted this photo to What Not To Wear’s Facebook page for an article I wrote for Thrift Town called…How old is too old to wear a mini skirt? It is one of my favorite articles I have written.

Are you too old to wear a miniskirt? Click on the link below to find out:


It’s My Husband’s Fault

He left me unattended at ABQ Uptown… Albuquerque’s premier shopping destination…where White House Black Market is located…the store I’m addicted to…where I once got a job so I could get their 40% off employee discount. You see where this is going don’t you…

SAM_2511I went in there just to kill time…instead I put a $100.00 dent in my wallet.

First of all, I can’t believe I like this broom…I can’t even type the word! This white maxi skirt has a ‘grecian’ feel to it. Not quite sure if I’m going to keep it yet, we’ll see. I was only going to buy that ONE skirt, but then I had a coupon… Two skirts, a necklace and a bracelet later, Mitch called to say he was waiting for me. So, you see that it was all HIS fault, right? I don’t need help…


Remember my confession about my online WHBM purchase on my Facebook page? Here is what I got for UNDER $20.00…

SAM_2512A pair of purple shorts was on my wish list all summer. I can check those off now!

Do any of you shop at White House Black Market?



Let’s Try This Again…

You all remember this look featuring my new striped White House Black Market skirt, right?


I put this on to run errands, I thought it was too dressy, yada, yada,yada.


I decided to style the skirt again and…


SUCCESS! I wore this to meet a friend for lunch and I felt pretty and not too dressy. :-)

Two Things…

Hi guys!

Two things…

My latest post for Thrift Town came out today and it’s all about the details:

and my girl Jamie from More Than Turquoise is wearing a thrifted outfit in her latest post!

Have a great weekend!

The Family That Thrifts Together…

SAM_2420…saves money together! Just a recent family photo, and we are all wearing thrifted clothes!

You all know (and love) Miss Oreo. Did you know we have two cats also?

First up is Brownie…

SAM_2425and his sister…

SAM_2439Cupcake! I think I was hungry when I named them.

Did you know I have a thrifting business called Thrift Me Over?  I do thriftovers…it’s a makeover at a thrift store! If you live in Albuquerque, New Mexico give me a call…though I have taken my show on the road.  Click on the link below…pretty please. ;-)