Feels Like Fall


I woke up this morning and there was a chill in the air…and I wasn’t happy about it! What I WAS happy about was getting to wear some of my finds from my summer of thrifting! In fact… everything, except my jewelry, is from the thrift store. I really like the details on this $2.50  black Mossimo windbreaker…yes…I thrifted a Target item. I  know… I always say that if you want clothing from Target or Walmart,  go there and buy it. I broke my own rule… but it’s cute, right! I paired it with a 99 cents Chico’s top…I know, huh! It was one of the 99 cents clothing items that New Mexico Savers offers every Monday. The Gap capri pants were $8.00 and the shoes are new, with a $30.00 price tag… Unionbay for $9.99 from Ohio Thrift Store.

Head to toe for under $23.00. When was the last time you could say that about what you were wearing?

These people can:




You’ll Never Guess Who I Had Lunch With!

roofJL22Everyone, please meet my new friend Jamie! She is the style maven behind the ever popular fashion blog… More Than Turquoise!

Her sense of style is UH-MAZING and her accessories are TO. DIE. FOR!  Like…for real. Go check out her blog.  Go ahead…I’ll wait. No, really…take your time and look around at all her fabulousness…don’t forget to come back though!


Are you dying right now! My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw her post ‘Seeing Red’. You know what else…she’s not only beautiful and fashionable but she’s down to earth and funny too!

I knew she was a blogger here in New Mexico, but what I didn’t know was that she lives near me…like… literally 15 minutes away! I know, right! So I sent off an email, we coordinated our schedules and met up for lunch!

Needless to say, I was super nervous about what to wear. I mean, I do have tons of clothes from my favorite store of all time…White House Black Market, but my niche is all about looking cute with clothes from the thrift store.

This is what I wore…


I paired my $6.00 Ann Taylor top with my $38.00 J Brand jeans ( which I finally realized is the most expensive item I have ever thrifted ), along with my $9.99 Lucky Brand shoes and my $6.00 bracelet that I thrifted in Utah. My cardigan and necklace are from WHBM. That’s a TISSOT diamond encrusted watch my husband bought me for our anniversary. I never wear it because my eyesight is so bad I can’t read it, but it looked cute with my outfit, so I went with it.

Here is another shot that Mitch took:


I was having a good hair day, thanks to my new Sei Bella shampoo and conditioner from Melaleuca. Look at Miss Oreo gazing at me with love in her eyes…I love you too, my pretty girl!

Jamie and I sat and talked for three and a half hours! We discovered we have a lot in common. We both are well traveled. She has been to France, a place known for it’s fashionable women. I have been to Siberia, a place known for it’s miserable weather. That’s not all we have in common! Our husbands are our photographers. Hmm… I have a feeling that her husband MIGHT be using a better camera than the $50.00 camera on clearance from QVC that we are using. I’m just guessing, but I could be wrong. Let’s not forget about locale. She uses the beauty that is New Mexico as her backdrop. I use the fireplace in my living room. Hey, I tried going outside a couple of times but my hair kept getting blown around!

But seriously, we had a great time getting to know one another, and plan on doing lunch again soon. I can’t wait to see what she’ll be wearing…  :-)




I Had a Coupon…


If you shop at Savers, you know that they just finished up a promotion where if you donated two grocery size bags of stuff they gave you a 30% off coupon. Well, I had one left and just couldn’t let it go unused. I convinced Adam to go with me, and here is what I found:

Etienne Aigner brown sandals $5.60      Cole Haan driving moccasins $7.00

2010 ( the tag ) Banana Republic skirt $4.20      JCP brown tee $2.80

and a pair of Levi’s jeans $4.90 that I found hanging in the men’s department. I saved a total of $10.45 by using a coupon.

Adam really does have a good eye for label hunting…he found the shoes!

White Jeans…Three Ways

So, I have a bunch of clothes that I haven’t worn yet…that’s no surprise!  I decided to take three thrifted tops and pair them all with my Kut From the Kloth white skinny jeans that I bought last year at Nordstrom Rack. Prepare to be amazed! Just kidding…here we go…


Look One features this INC International Concepts (Macy’s brand) top that I thrifted from The Family Thrift store for $5.00. I paired it with a black tank underneath but I could have easily paired it with a gray camisole. This top would look good with gray or black pants too. The top kinda looks funky in the photo, huh. It has a self belt that I had to feed through a hole and a couple of loops…it was complicated! Hey, I’m almost 53…give me a break! ;-)



Look Two features my Chico’s Synergy jacket  (which is super comfortable, by the way) that I thrifted from Savers for $7.00. I wanted the jacket to be the focal point so I kept everything else neutral. I also rolled up the jeans one time to make them a tad shorter. This was my husband’s favorite look of the three.



Look Three features this $6.50 Anthracite by Muse for Boston Proper jacket that I thrifted from Thrift Town. This look has a whole lot of sparkle and shine going on with my shoes and the neckline of my top. This time around I rolled my jeans up twice…because I could! Just sayin’.

Don’t tell me that you don’t even own a pair of white jeans…come on now! You can wear them year round…well, I suppose if I still lived in Ohio I wouldn’t be saying that…

Which look is your favorite?



My Other New Top


This is the other top I got from the WHBM store during my detour to the Grove City Premium Outlets in PA. I bought it with these teal shorts in mind. Unfortunately, my summer of eating has caused these shorts to be too small…I was seriously uncomfortable all day long, and thought I was going to pop a button! Thank goodness it didn’t happen. I won’t be wearing these again anytime soon.

Did you notice I’m wearing my ‘new’ thrifted bracelet from Utah?

My Sister’s Closet


When I went to Ohio and visited my sister Annette, besides thrifting her over, I also cleaned out her closet and scored this cute Cleveland Indians gray t-shirt! I’m not a sports fan at all, but I couldn’t say no when she gave this to me…along with this one too…


I also came home with two MORE shirts and a cardigan and dress that originally belonged to me!

Can you tell I need to lose a few pounds or five? Yeah…  :-(

Michael’s Buffalo Exchange Thrift Store Haul!!

Yes, you read that correctly! Adam was right when he said that Michael would like the clothing at Buffalo Exchange. The first thing out of Michael’s mouth was…”this is my kind of place.”

Both boys cleaned out their closets and took their clothing there to trade in. Buffalo Exchange will give you cash on the spot, but they give you MORE money if you take the store credit. Hello…taking the store credit is a no brainer.

Here is Michael’s first thrift store haul:


Notice that some of his haul is new with tags!


Of course I had Michael model his ‘new’ thrifted clothing…


This was his favorite look. It’s my favorite too.


Look number two features a haircut too…



Adam managed to find a couple of things too…


That’s a Calvin Klein Jacket. :-)

This haul would have set me back $130.00 but with our store credit factored in I only paid $80.00. Not bad…not bad at all.

Have you ever thrifted at Buffalo Exchange?