So, I decided to take the time and get it right.

One of my dear readers was looking for inspiration and I feel…well, I KNOW I failed her. She has a sweater similar to the pink one I posted earlier today. In her comments she thanked me for styling it and in my comment back to her I apologized for being uninspired by the color and then proceeded to tell her how she should style it.

I decided to take my own advice and here it is:


I still don’t care for this sweater but I like the styling in this photo much better.


While we are on the subject of re-styling…

I was at Buffalo Exchange and picked up this Men’s PLAID scarf for only $8.00.


and decided to give the whole denim, plaid and leopard trend ONE.LAST.TRY…



Now THIS look I really, really like!! (That’s a $2.50 Italian wool sweater )

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!



Let me just say right off the bat that I’m not a huge fan of this shade of pink. It’s a whole lot of bubble gum going on…just sayin’.

I bought this Ralph Lauren pink sweater ($3.00) thinking it would go with the pink on these thrifted flats. It didn’t. :-(


The first time I wore these flats I paired it with a thrifted brown sweater and this graphic tee from Target…



The pink in the shirt didn’t go with the pink on the shoes, so I changed my shoes to a thrifted pair of Etienne Aigner sandals and put on an old sweater from Loft.



I guess what I’m trying to say is…I’m getting rid of the shoes because I can’t seem to figure out what to pair them with AND I’m not keeping that bubble gum pink sweater because I really don’t like that color. :-(

Hmm…I’m not that crazy about these sandals either.



My Closet

Okay, so you all have been wondering about my closet and where I put all my clothes that I thrift. Our house is up for sale, so I decided to go through my closet and re-organize everything and try to get THREE closets full of clothing into ONE.  I did it, but I had to move my husbands clothes out of the master closet in order to do it. Sorry honey!

Here are the ‘before’ photos.


Just a little messy. I use those white thingies that are advertised on TV to fit more clothes on the rods. Um, sometimes they break…but for the most part I really like them.






Okay, this next part is REALLY messy…





The back of the closet was my husbands. Those scarves are what’s left of my collection after I took a bunch to consign. My somewhat organized necklaces.




My husband couldn’t even get to his clothes with all the stuff I had on the floor!




I took out one shoe rack and have all my summer shoes/sandals packed away in the other closets. All along the sides and back of the closet are my many pairs of boots…including a new pair of waterproof Uggs my sweet husband just bought me.


It took me awhile to get through everything…mostly because I wasn’t motivated to do it..but I finally finished it.


The ‘after’ shots…


I have organized by color before but this time I decided to organize by sleeve length instead. I started with my camisoles, then tanks and short sleeves. I moved my jeans to the bottom rod with my skirts.



These are all my long sleeve tops. I discovered I didn’t have any when I was cleaning out my closet, so I headed to Target. But you already know that if you read my blog. ;-)





I moved all my small purses to the top shelf. My jewelry is in trays organized by ‘silver’ and ‘gold’ and color.  In the hanging rack are all my sweaters from White House Black Market. Don’t go judging me now…  ;-) The bottom shelf is my overflow of makeup…it takes a lot to make this old face look good.




SAM_2838The start of my thrifted clothes.



The whole bottom rod of jackets is thrifted. The top rod is not. The only thing left of my husbands in this closet is his ties.



I used Command hooks to hang up my necklaces. Just recently a fellow blogger shared her tip on how to organize necklaces. She attached a curtain rod to her closet wall and then used S hooks to hang each necklace. If I wasn’t moving I would totally do that!

I know when we finally sell our home, I’m going to have to get rid of more stuff. There is no way I’m moving all of this!!

How do you organize your closet?

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BTW, I’m wearing my $3.00 brown thrifted skirt in the photo along with a thrifted top and thrifted Chico’s jacket that I will be blogging about.



Leopard, Plaid and Denim…Trend Overload?

Have you seen that trend on Pinterest yet? I did, probably because I did a search with those words…just sayin’. I then attempted to create three looks using leopard, denim and my new plaid shoes.

I’m just going to apologize right off the bat. Like my friend Gaylen just told me the other night…not every look’s a winner. No truer words have been spoken.

But hey, at least I tried!

SAM_2874I really like this combination, if I didn’t have on the plaid shoes.  But then what would be the point?  I actually wore this out and about and felt totally self conscious the whole time. It was too much look, even for me.



When I got home I put together two more versions to see if they worked any better…


Meh…maybe without the denim vest.


My third and final attempt…


I don’t know…it looked better in person.

Would you mix leopard, plaid and denim together all in one look?


Boyfriend Jeans


Um…aren’t boyfriend jeans supposed to be somewhat loose? Maybe I should have went up a size. Oh, well! I paired these Kut From the Kloth jeans from Nordstrom Rack with my new silver flats from Target and this $3.99!!! thrifted Linda Allard/Ellen Tracy jacket from The Family Thrift Center. I really like this jacket even though it’s got some shoulder pad action going on.

Golden Girls / Bingo Style

Warning: This is like the worst picture ever…but I always keep it real here on my blog.


That’s right, people…nothing says ‘Golden Girls’ more than a velour track suit. Mine is a Chico’s Synergy thrifted track suit that was only $4.00 at Family Thrift.

I was heading to the casino to play Bingo with my friends and I always like to wear something comfortable.


I  snazzed it up with the addition of this VS tee shirt and…


my tiger striped, sequined Converse!


THEN…I went to play Bingo on my birthday, with my husband…


I was overdressed to say the least…but I didn’t care! BTW…did you notice my sweater and jewelry from my recent Target haul? I actually think this camo works on me because it’s a grayish kind of green.

What’s YOUR Bingo style?