The Look for Less : Hunter Boots

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.42.44 PM


If you’re a fashion blogger, or live somewhere where it rains a lot, then you probably know about Hunter Boots.

I personally LOVE the look of these high gloss rain boots…but I live in New Mexico (where the sun shines 300 days out of the year ) and could not justify spending $148.00 on them.


Then, I found the look for less:



They look spot on, don’t they?! I found these high gloss black rubber boots selling on Amazon for $40.00! That’s $108.00 less than the Hunter brand boots and the only difference is that these don’t say Hunter on them.  Also, If I wanted to dish out $45.00, I could buy the socks that say Hunter on them, pair them with these boots and no one would be the wiser!

So, last week when the weatherman called for a chance of rain… I took my boots out for a spin.



It never did rain…but when it eventually does, I’m ready! :-)


On a side note…the secret to keeping the boots ‘glossy’? ArmorAll!













Where am I Going?

Ponchos, Tunics and Faux Fur Vests…Oh My!


Happy Friday everyone! I’m leaving the foot of snow we have here in the mountains and heading to Vegas for the weekend!!

Please check out my latest post for Thrift Town!

The Chosen One

So, last week I got called to be an extra again. This time for a show on NBC. The role was for a Patient/Visitor. I needed pj’s and a couple of outfits. I didn’t want to have to change when I got there, so I tried to anticipate what the wardrobe person would like.

First up…the pajamas:



Then, a skirt option:




This was Miss Oreo’s favorite.


This is what I decided to wear:




Did I make the right decision? Let’s see what my #selfieonset looks like.



Yay, I got it right! The only bad thing? No one will see it. You’ll only see my shadow. :-(

Hey, at least I didn’t have to change clothes!

Lumberjack Style

SAM_3278Today’s look totally reminds me of a lumberjack, just like the Brawny man.

These are the new leggings I got from Sam’s Club. The Eddie Bauer goose down vest and Lemon Grass plaid shirt are thrifted.




Miss Oreo really missed me while I was gone. She stuck to me like glue!



Selfies, Sisters and Frosty (the Snowman)

A look back at my trip to Ohio…

2014-12-20 23.52.22 (1)

My sister Annette and I look nothing alike. The only thing we have the same are the color of our eyes ( Hazel ).

We have different tastes too…


I always get the same black polish…and she gets something new every time.


She mentioned that she stepped up her fashion game since I was coming…

2014-12-28 21.49.48

Cute, right!


Then, I went out on her front porch and discovered…

2014-12-20 23.50.21 (1)

Frosty! He/she? became my new buddy!


2014-12-25 22.57.25


and one more…

2014-12-25 22.52.14 (1)


Annette and I went out and about wearing our recent thrifted finds too.

2015-01-09 21.20.31

A thrifted jacket and top at a local winery.



A thrifted top and jeans to go see a local band play.


Then I took a bunch of selfies. How does everybody get their whole outfit in the picture?


While I was there , Annette did my hair and I did her makeup.



My girlfriend Roberta made this necklace. Her Etsy shop is coming soon.



Not bad for $2.50, huh!

Annette and I also filmed an ‘infomercial’ while I was there. Click on the link and scroll down the page if you would like to see it.

Ignore my rambling and focus on all the delicious food that she makes at Diles Market and Cafe. I gained 3.3lbs. because of it!!

As always…thanks for reading!! :-)






Of Course I Went Thrifting!

I’m back from spending the last 3 1/2 weeks in Ohio helping my sister take care of my dad after his hip replacement surgery. BTW, he is doing great!

Of course, my dear sweet sister indulged me and took me thrifting on several occasions. We even took along some friends and I did a mini thriftover too!

Let’s get started:

First up, the local Goodwill in Warren, OH.


This is my sister in her ‘before’. Her jersey is from Sam’s Club, her favorite place to shop for clothes. ( I must admit, while I was visiting her I ended up buying two pairs of June & Daisy leggings, a HUE brand company, at Sam’s Club and I LOVE them! )

She found a couple of really cute jackets and some high-end brand shoes.

Here is her favorite find from there:


I adore this jacket! It sells at Lord & Taylor and my sister got it for a mere $4.00!

I only had so much room in my suitcase, so I had to control myself. I spent most of my time thrifting for my friends.

On a thrifting trip to Akron we thought we were going to a thrifting superstore. It ended up being a Salvation Army. Long story…

This is the first time I have ever went thrifting where I felt dirty after trying on the clothes. :-(

I did however find this Ralph Lauren wrinkly mess, cat hair covered sweater that I liked.



The asking price was $12.99, but I wasn’t willing to pay more than $10.00 ( I negotiated with the cashier and walked out paying $8.99 +tax = $9.57! Score one for me!

On the way to Akron I had spotted a Goodwill in Stark ( off Route 62 ) so we stopped there on the way home. They had a ton of great stuff and I will definitely go back there next time I’m in Ohio.

Here was my score:


Left: Ellen Tracy (NWT) $6.00     Right: Express Design Studio $5.00


THEN, the day I was waiting for came…

a trip to Willowick OH to shop the 50% off sale at Unique Thrift!

Why was I so excited to shop there? Well, they are owned by one of my favorite thrift stores…Savers! I had high hopes and I wasn’t disappointed. Their prices were amazing, even without a sale. The only two negatives about the place… no bathrooms and no dressing rooms. However, we came prepared and tried on clothes (just tops) in front of the mirror.

We were there for three hours, so of course I made some new friends…


Shout out to the super friendly staff!


Then, this handsome guy ( who I think should be a model ) wanted to check himself out in the mirror…



but instead, I checked him out!  ;-) He was super sweet and let me take his photo. Thanks B!

My BFF Roberta, who I thrifted over in June was with us…


She ended up getting 9 tops, 3 pants ( one was a pair of Talbot’s dress pants with the $88.00 price tag still on it that she got for $4.00 maybe? ) and a pair of Puma tennis shoes for a total cost of under $45.00!

Also, along for the ride, was my sister Annette’s friend Tammy who is turning 50 this year and wanted a new look.

Here is her ‘before’


The girl is beautiful but wears her clothes too big!

I don’t have an ‘after’ but I do have a during…


See the difference when you wear clothes that fit?!  I know that she saw it too by the end of the three hours. Total strangers were coming up to her and commenting on how cute she looked. That’s what happens when you try on clothes in the middle of a store… lol

She ended up with 2 coats, 1 blazer, 2 cardigans, 19 tops, 1 pair of jeans, 4 dress pants, 1 sweater dress, 5 pairs of shoes and 4 brand new pairs of tights for…drumroll please…$135.00! That’s a whole new wardrobe!

I managed to find a few things too…


Left to right: Like new, Vera Bradley tote bag $25.00, The Limited sweater $2.50 and from another Goodwill on our way home…Gap t-shirt $1.50. ( 20% off sale )

Because of my limited suitcase space,  I passed on…


A vintage Coach  handbag $25.00


and this Ralph Lauren like new handbag $12.50.

On a side note, I couldn’t go back home without stopping at Grove City Premium Outlets. I managed to control myself at White House Black Market… shocking…but I did drop some money at the Bass store and The Makeup Company.


Aren’t those the cutest sweaters ever? I can’t wait to style them.


I had one more stop to make before I left…Nordstrom Rack. That store is my downfall.


I bought four pairs of shoes that fit perfectly in…



my ‘new’ tote bag for the plane ride back home. :-)


Any favorites among what I’ve shown you?




Name Brands on Any Given Day

Happy Friday!

Here is my latest post for Thrift Town. I spent hours trying on these clothes and not one thing fit!!! :-(

On Repeat

SAM_3253I’m seriously loving these  $4.99 thrifted J Crew flats. So much so that I created an outfit around them!



Recognize the sweater? Yeah, it’s on repeat from yesterday. Paired with a black blouse,  a pearl statement necklace and my boyfriend jeans, hopefully no one realized that I wore it two days in a row.

Do you ever wear the same thing two days in a row, but style it differently?


Thrifted Ann Taylor


I FINALLY got around to wearing this $6.50 Ann Taylor skirt from The Family Thrift Center.Oh, by the way, my husband doesn’t like THIS either. I paired it with my thrifted Talbot’s silk blouse. Hmm, I wonder how he feels about the blouse?

I was going to wear socks and boots with this but it didn’t look good, so instead I paired it with these thrifted suede Ann Taylor shoes ($8.99) and my 53 year old white legs! Not that that looks any better. I’m sure if I would have worn brown tights it would have looked super cute and I wouldn’t have had goose bumps on my legs all day. . ;-)


Because it was chilly outside…


I threw on my $8.00 Levi’s jacket. I have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of that!